Sunday, 15 April 2007

We'll fight 'em on the Beaches! (Part 2)

Scroll right down to find out what Pamela Page and the SSP propose for the West of Scotland and the rest of Scotland!

Click "March" on the right hand side of your screen to read what the the East Dunbartonshire Council candidates pledge to do in your Council.

In the meantime, read on for more of Pamela's campaign trail!

Friday 13th Frances, Davy and I bulletined a ward in

Saturday 14th
Pam, young comrade Jo and myself set off for the Scottish
Riveria in the fight for socialism! Covering sunny
Saltcoats where we did a colourful balloon festooned stall
on the council tax and bulletined Ardrossan as well as
delivering the rest of Nigel Hunter's inspiring leaflets
in his ward.

In Saltcoats I was talking to a couple from Donegal who
were commenting on how terrible they feel senior citizens
are treated in Scotland in comparison to
Ireland and that the council tax is a particularly unfair
tax on those on low incomes.

A young man asked to join the party and said
he was impressed
with the broadcast on free public transport as this would
be of benefit to many in the area who have to commute for

I overheard one woman saying to her friends 'that's Tommy
Sheridan's lot' and scrupling up her leaflet but when I
explained to her that he was no longer with us she
apologised and was very supportive. We are the party
who are not afraid to tell the truth!

Another man gave us a large donation and wanted a shot
of our minimegaphone!

So all in all a very successful mornings campaigning.

It was a scorcher of a day and we put in a shift before
needing two nurofen and an ice cream to combat the sunstroke/
delirium that had set in. You may
get a flavour of what we mean from the photies! Since
'fighting them on the
beaches' has become a theme in this campaign, we took the
chance to cool down and have a paddle in a packed Ardrossan
beach setting up a stall in the
We also took the opportunity to stage a protest outside
Hunterston nuclear power station, as well as at the

Sunday 15th Comrades are out campaigning locally and
delivering thousands of council leaflets.

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