Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Arbrothians Smokie Radical Party…

In today’s podcast:  land reform from Russia, Colin Fox on UKIP and the SSP’s new pamphlet on the right wing party, Lewis Akers on pay discrimination, The SNP’s Debra Torrance on an Arbrothians Smokie Radical Party…   Jenni Gunn on Mental Health And Calum Martin continues his series on lefty history with a piece on the French Revolution.  Remember, if you have anything you would like to say about the contributions this week, or would like to record something OR have a band you would like to have played on the podcast, email me at

Music from Colour Me Wednesday
The Tuts
Steve white and the Protest Family
The Wakes
We also have news about a brilliant cd launched this week for the Orgreave Truth & Justice campaign 

Friday, 13 February 2015

SSP Podcast: Council Budgets, Red Clydeside and the Stirling Revolution...

In this weeks SSP Podcast we have some history from Katie Bonnar and Calum Martin – Calum starts a weekly series on a history of the left called “Making the flag Red; Struggle and Democracy Through History.”

Cat Boyd from the ISG will be giving her view on left unity and in particular on the Scottish Left Project.
Hollie Cameron tells us about a major SSP victory in Stirling University.

Richie Venton SSP's national workplace organiser and regional organiser for the West of Scotland on the SSP’s reaction to the austerity budgets set by Councils across Scotland and what the we propose instead.

And Gerry Mulvenna will be explaining how a growing group of volunteers are “televising” politics throughout Scotland.

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Friday, 6 February 2015

The one with more politics...

This week on the SSP Podcast, we have members from SSP Glasgow Central Branch on Zero Hours Contracts; wages in the NHS and Don McKeen with an invite to what sounds like a really interesting talk at the Yes Bar - details on Facebook HERE, Jenni Gunn speaking about every day sexism, Beinn Irbhinn on aspects of our socialist language, Wendy MacDonald on the SSP policy of the citizen’s income and as the SSP does not claim to have a monopoly on socialism -  Debra Torrance from the SNP on sustainable energy and hot tubs!

The Music this week is really exciting.  We have tracks by David RovicsJames King and the Lone Wolves, local band TravelCat whose twelve Bar blues you can hear in the background, folk rock singer songwriter Suzen JuelMilton Star and an exclusive track from Socialist R&B band, Thee Faction from their new album, Reading Writing Revolution,  which is still being recorded.

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Friday, 30 January 2015

SSP Podcast: Jogging Jim and the Patriotic Imperial Masters

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In this podcast: SSP Spokeswoman, Sandra Webster on her experiences of being a carer in Tory ruled Scotland, me on the patriotic fracking nonsense of the labour party, Lewis Akers on being a young SSP activist and Tommy Ball with this weeks political round up.

 Music: Roy Moller from his latest album, My Week Beats Your Year, on Stereogram recordings - “Captivity.” The Cathode Ray – “Resist” and St Christopher Medal: "Vatersay Love Song,” also on Stereogram recordings. Joe Solo - No Pasaran (The Ballad of Jack Atkinson) And his track with Rebekah Findlay – We will be free The Wakes, “These Hands.”


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

SSP Public Meeting: 'The Greek Election – an eyewitness report’

SSP Public Meeting on 'The Greek Election - an eyewitness report' , will see Colin Fox reporting on his trip to Athens for the Greek General election and what lessons we in Scotland can take from our Greek comrades. With 'Syriza' in the lead and likely to form the first radical left-wing Government in Europe since WW2, Colin Fox will be giving a first hand account of the current situation in Greece and outlining the political implications for the socialist movement throughout Europe.


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Greece 2 - SSP podcast from the Syriza Victory in Athens!

On the night that Syriza, the radical left party in Greece win at the polls, SSP activist Tommy Ball explains the implications this will have across Europe and Colin Fox reports from the celebrations on the ground in Athens!
Music from The Manics, The Wakes and Frightened Rabbit...

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Scottish Socialist Party...podcast from Greece!

Half an hour of news from Greece, views from Scotland and music!

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Monday, 1 December 2014

Baiting our poorest on Black Friday

Seventeen Christmases ago, when my now teenager was only one, my wife and I were on benefits. We lived in one of the poorest housing schemes in Ayrshire, in poverty, surrounded by poverty. We struggled weekly with food bills, nappies and the daily grind of transport, heating and feeding the meter. We, like all of the proud working class parents living around us, all hit by Thatcher’s decimation of industry and mining in the area, wanted the best for our wee boys and girls. Santa brought far less to him than to the families we now live amongst in Bearsden and Milngavie, but we turned the heating off for days, and ate bargain baked beans to save for a purple singing dinosaur. 

If you want to know what inequality is like, live on benefits at Christmas.

The media on Friday and Saturday gleefully participated in the biggest poor baiting marketing ploy in this country for a while. Black Friday, the day that, supposedly, the country goes mad for bargains, was thrust upon us. Black Friday is an American invention in which large retailers select “target” stores, advertise huge price reductions on limited items, place them in their narrow doorways and open the doors when the cameras have been safely set up behind the pile of price slashed gift ideas.

The publicity generated not only helps remind ‘consumers’ to hurry up and come spend, but also helps advertise NEXT year’s PR drive to have shoppers spend their paltry food bank enhanced pay. The people of Dundee and Pollok, two far from affluent areas, were shown on our TV’s and in our newspapers, fighting and scrambling for TV’s, X-boxes, Tablets and the like. Fights broke out, while miserably paid (and perhaps Workfare enslaved) young workers got in the way of fists and angry words. I saw desperation in the faces of those videoed cynically for the good of the Tesco and Wal-Mart/ASDA Board of directors. Black Friday was a PR success, and next year’s event is guaranteed to be even bigger, more successful, violent and desperate for the poor trying to heat their homes, feed their families and give them a dignified, ‘happy,’ less indebted Christmas.

Have no doubt – those fights were started by the marketing departments of those retailers. The police called to ensure it didn’t get too out of hand were part of the publicity. Perhaps Police Scotland can investigate why people were herded, in view of the media, into bottlenecks with small stacks of radically price reduced gift ideas in their paths and why this didn’t seem to be the case in Bearsden or Morningside (both places I was on Friday)? Perhaps the Police can ensure that those who instigated the riot are pulled in and questioned and perhaps arrested? I seem to remember a huge operation that jailed people who, on Facebook, had “incited” the English riots” in 2011 from the comfort of their armchairs? Perhaps those who incited these riots from the comfort of their boardrooms should be arrested also?

Seventeen years ago, if a large, singing Barney electronic dinosaur had been reduced by 75%, which would have meant we didn’t have to do without heating for days on end, was placed in front of me, in front of cameras and surrounded by police and fearful low paid shop assistants, I too may have made a grab for it. I too may have been part of the poor-baiting media storm. I too may have fell victim to another poor father punching his way to a dignified, ‘happy,’ less indebted Christmas. I too would have been a victim of the Thatcherite, Tory/Libdem coalition profit grabbing, greedy, violent success of the vicious, nasty PR exercise that was Black Friday.

Neil Scott

East Dunbartonshire Scottish Socialist Party Organiser.

This letter was published in today's "The National" newspaper, from Campsie Branch Organiser, Neil Scott. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

East Dunbartonshire against Fracking

Last nights packed anti-fracking meeting in Bishopbriggs

"The Scottish Socialist Party welcomes the setting up of "Frack Off" anti-fracking groups across East Dunbartonshire that will work together as part of the wider, national campaign. We are happy to have been invited by local activists to be part of the formation of the local Bearsden Milngavie Frack Off group as we believe this is an issue on which people from all parties, including our partners in the Yes campaign The Scottish Greens and the Scottish National Party, can work closely together on. 

East Dunbartonshire Green Organiser, Ross Greer; Anti-fracking campaigner, Ron Mackay and Strathkelvin SSP Organiser, Willie Telfer,

Although the Westminster Tory/Liberal Democrat Coalition claims to be the greenest government in history, like all of their pledges and claims, this has to be heard by a cynical ear as funding and governmental help has benefitted the energy companies wanting to turn a quick profit, rather than those wanting to develop energy solutions that have little or no negative environmental impact on East Dunbartonshire, Scotland and indeed, the world. 

Evidence coming to light in countries such as the USA and Australia is very worrying, and these Fracking Companies and their Westminster Parliament shareholders seem to care more for their pockets rather than the safety of ordinary people. 

The local and national SSP will endeavour to support the anti-fracking campaign and support clean energy alternatives. 

Neil Scott Organiser, East Dunbartonshire SSP"

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

East Dunbartonshire Yes Political Parties come together for "Bairns not Bombs"

Strathkelvin Scottish Socialist Party organiser, Willie Telfer, lifelong anti-nuclear campaigner Ron MacKay and Local Green Party organiser Ross Greer, last night urged the people of East Dunbartonshire to head to Faslane for the Scrap Trident "Bairns not Bombs" demo on November 30th to add their voices to the calls for nuclear weapons to be removed from Scotland. 

L-R:   Ross Greer, Ron Mackay, Willie Telfer.            Photo:  Neil Scott
Activist Willie Telfer said, "The SSP was founded on the principles of fairness and equality and we have been fighting for the resources and money given over to the billionaire shareholders of these arms companies to be used for schools, hospitals and care of our most vulnerable citizens. It is a disgrace that while people will struggle to heat their homes and feed their families this winter, billions of pounds of our taxes will be given over to maintain and then replace these lethally dangerous and indiscriminate weapons. Let us know if you want a place on the bus to protest outside the home of Europe's biggest nuclear arsenal. Trident must go."

91 year old Ron Mackay, who was first arrested protesting the American nuclear weapons system Polaris in 1961 said, "I have been protesting these dreadful machines of death since news came to us of the execution of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in Hiroshima an Nagasaki when I was posted out in India in 1945. To use these indiscriminate murderous weapons would be a war crime. Having them situated near Scotland's most densely populated area is madness. Only profit can be the motive for keeping them. I'll be outside Faslane's North Gate adding my voice to the Scottish public who in poll after poll say, 'no to nuclear weapons. Not in my name.'"

Ross Greer said, "The continued housing of these weapons on the Gareloch is not only lethally dangerous, but a total disgrace in the 21st century. The Green Party will proudly join our friends across the political spectrum in demanding Trident is scrapped."

For a place on the Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch, Milton of Campsie, Lennoxtown, Milngavie coach, please email                 £6.50 per seat.