Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Single Status Storm Brewing

Thirty plus low paid council workers braved the dark, the wind and rain to stage a picket of East Dunbartonshire council's meeting at Tom Johnston House on Thursday 21st. the picket was in protest against the savage threats to their pay and conditions.

East Dunbartonshire Council are using the Single Status agreement as an excuse to 'level-down'- or more accurately slash existing terms and conditions.

The new pay deal has left a number of employees expecting wage cuts of more than 25 per cent. It has also removed most of the allowances, such as overtime and weekend pay.

As if this wasn't bad enough, management have embarked on bullying tactics to try to secure acceptance of the offer before the 3rd of March. If there is no collective agreement by then the management have threatened to take back-dating of the settlement and three years protection for anyone losig out off the table.

Cowardly councillors may have skulked in the back way to avoid angry protesters but they were left in no doubt about the strength of feeling amongst UNISON and GMB members present.

One placard poignantly read 'Threats do not equal submission!'and there is a distinct possibility that this dispute could lead to industrial action.

In deciding their next move the current coucillors would do well to remember the Kirkintilloch born Socialist - Tom Johnston - in whose honour the council building was named.

The Campsie branch of the Scottish Socialist Party believe he would have sided with the workers in their struggle for fair pay.

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