Monday, 23 June 2008

SSP Campsie Branch try to confront Firstbus...

SSP Campsie members patiently awaited the arrival of the "Firstbus Roadshow" - but were sorely disapointed as the bus had to turn and leave as East Dunbartonshire Council had forgot to book them in! Angry public transport users were left in the lurch and unable to ask questions about the dimminishing and increasingly expensive service in and around Milngavie/ Bearsden.
Local public transport user, Thomas Swann, said, "This is typical. You wait for hours on one of their routes and then it drives past you! Then you find out the bus stop has been discontinued. Firstbus need to answer local people's concerns."

Neil Scott, a local commuter said, "I am glad the SSP are looking at serious ways to combat climate change and rising fuel prices. It is a pity we have a government more concerned with their own pay increases of nearly 50% and MP's and MSP's who claim all of their own travel to work back in expenses while the rest of us spend more and more on an increasingly poor service."

More information on the SSP's innovative and crucial policy can be found here:

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