Monday, 6 April 2009

Campsie Donation

Campsie Scottish Socialist Party branch have raised £30 and are buying groceries for the two occupied schools in Maryhill, Glasgow. The grocery's will be delivered today, the third day of occupation. The occupations began on Friday after school broke up for the Easter holidays. These brave and principled parents, grandparents and campaigners are currently occupying the Wyndford Primary School and St. Gregory's primary School. They are protesting at the proposed closure of the schools - both schools being at the heart of the Wyndford community.

Glasgow City Council have proposed that 25 schools and nurseries - at the heart of communities across the City - should be closed in their game of political football with the SNP Government. The Labour run council, and it's leader, Steven Purcell, are trying to impress their Labour bosses by making it impossible for school classes to reduce to the 20 or less proposed by the SSP and subsequently enacted upon by the SNP Government.

Purcell, who has designs on being the Labour Leader in Scotland, is more concerned about his career than the jobs of Education workers or the education of our children.

Call in and visit the schools to show your support! And if you have a website/blog, link to their sites -

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