Thursday, 22 October 2009

East Dunbartonshire Socialists Support the Posties

The Campsie Branch SSP have made a statement in support of the local and national postmen who are fighting for our Post Service, their jobs and their pay and conditions.

"We note the Bankers, who are now public service workers, and whose mishandling of our money through their greed cost the tax payer - this country - billions, are getting huge bonuses again, whilst the posties who helped Royal Mail make a £400 million profit last year are being asked to suffer job losses, loss of pension rights and are forced to work longer and longer shifts for less money.

The call from the capitalist political parties like new Labour and the Conservatives that "we are all in this together," when this is patently untrue, grates all the more when you know that those telling us we must live in "austerity" to get through this economic crisis are very rich men."


Photos of some of today's pickets HERE

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