Thursday, 5 September 2013

Think before you vote for Jo...

Letter in today's Bearsden & Milngavie Herald

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Before the Westminster general election, our local MP. Jo Swinson, espoused fine, compassionate Liberal principles and was generally applauded for her attitudes.  It is very sad that thereafter, and particularly since her elevation to the Cabinet, she seems to have forgotten those principles and her compassion. 

She has consistently supported and voted for all the repressive measures the UK Coalition has put in place, but the clearest demonstration of her abandonment of the compassionate ideals which the old Liberal Party held dear, was her callow support of the Coalition's attempts to railroad Parliament into supporting a military bombardment of Syria.

Yes, the Ba'athist Government of Syria is vicious - and so are elements of the extremist opposition.  What did Ms Swinson think would be achieved by British military actions against Syria, apart from yet more bloodshed?  Did she really believe that external military action would help bring that tragic country's civil war to an end? How sad that an MP who once  seemed honourable should now seem to place loyalty to a harsh Conservative-led Government above  compassion for her fellows at home and abroad. 

Perhaps her constituents should look at her voting record in Parliament before voting at the next Westminster general election. 

Yours faithfully, Bill Newman,

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