Friday, 13 February 2015

SSP Podcast: Council Budgets, Red Clydeside and the Stirling Revolution...

In this weeks SSP Podcast we have some history from Katie Bonnar and Calum Martin – Calum starts a weekly series on a history of the left called “Making the flag Red; Struggle and Democracy Through History.”

Cat Boyd from the ISG will be giving her view on left unity and in particular on the Scottish Left Project.
Hollie Cameron tells us about a major SSP victory in Stirling University.

Richie Venton SSP's national workplace organiser and regional organiser for the West of Scotland on the SSP’s reaction to the austerity budgets set by Councils across Scotland and what the we propose instead.

And Gerry Mulvenna will be explaining how a growing group of volunteers are “televising” politics throughout Scotland.

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