Wednesday, 2 February 2011

SSP Campsie deliver supplies to the Hetherington Occupiers!

Today, SSP Campsie branch delivered £70 worth of groceries to the occupying students in the Hetherington research Club at Glasgow University.

The students have done something absolutely fantastic with the space. The place was absolutely buzzing with people socialising, planning and interacting – as a student union should.

It would be an absolute scandal if this space were to be lost by Glasgow University. The students have ensured that those who are prepared to fight against the Cameron/Clegg Tory/Libdem cuts have a space outside the Labour run careerist NUS. Young politicised people are at the head of the fightback.

Why not go down to the Hetherington and offer solidarity?

More details on the SSY website HERE and on Facebook HERE

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