Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hiroshima Day Invitation from CND...


(Campsie Branch SSP will be there with our YES banner - supporting the CND policy that a YES vote is desirable as this is our chance to rid the UK of Nuclear Weapons).

I write to invite you to attend our Hiroshima Day Commemoration on Tuesday 6th August. It is 68 years since the first atom bombs were dropped on two Japanese cities with devastating loss of life. At a time when our own government is planning a new generation of nuclear weapons and 2,000 of these weapons across the world remain on hair trigger alert, the danger of nuclear holocaust by accident or design is still with us.

This year we are planning to meet at the gates of Botanic Gardens (Queen Margaret Drive) at 6.30pm, visit the peace tree in that park, then walk on the pavement with peace flags to the peace tree in Kelvingrove Park (grounds of Art Galleries) for a short meeting and a song. Please note the new starting time of 6.30pm is later than previously advertised.

Invited speakers include Sandra White MSP, Councillor Bill Butler and Councillor Martha Wardrop.

I look forward to seeing you there.

In Peace
Alan Mackinnon - Glasgow CND

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