Friday, 20 June 2014

"Red Ed?" @labour4indy #indyref

If any doubt remained that austerity is here to stay under which ever party or combination of parties rules the uk after the 2015 general election. Then that doubt evaporated as Ed Milliband laid out plans to abolish jobseekers
allowance for the under 22s.

With Tories readying themselves to strip housing benefits for the under 25s, what chance have the young people of Scotland got if they find themselves at the wrong end of the prevailing tight job market. It is now blatantly obvious what their only chance is and in the run up to September, no one needs to spell that out.

There is still a professed line within Scottish Labour that the salvation of the working class in Scotland will be a new New Labour government presided over by our great champion the magnificent and idealogically pure "Red Ed".

I now predict the defections to the Yes side by Labour Party members which started off a few months ago as a trickle and are now in full flow will become a flood on the back of this claxon like signal about where Labour UK want to position itself for the 2015 general election.
I will be amazed if the Labour for Independence chair Alex Bell has time to come to speak at the Kirky Miners on the 25th, he may be too busy processing applications to join a growing organisation which may just help protect us from those who have lost their values in his own party.

Willie Telfer
SSP Strathkelvin Organiser

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