Thursday, 14 May 2009

Scottish Socialist Party stand in Bishopbriggs South By-election

Click on leaflet for a clearer view.

This leaflet will be delivered to every home in the ward.

Promoted by Pam Currie on behalf of the Scottish Socialist Party, Suite
308/310, 4th Floor Central Chambers 93 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6LD.


Anonymous said...

It didn't take long for the carpet-baggers to appear - and I though it was only the tory candidate who was being opportunistic in his election material. Where are all the would be politicians in between elections? At least that MacDonald bloke kept doing something in Woodhill after the last election.

Anonymous said...

You seem like just the candidiate Bishopbrigs South need at the moment. well done for standing!

East Dunbartonshire SSP said...

Mark has stood in this ward before - this is not an "opportunist" blow in. Our "Make Greed History" campaign was designed and decided WELL before the scandal of expenses was exposed by the press (the scandal of expenses in the Scottish Parliament was often commented on by our ex-MSP's, by the way).

A vote for Mark and a vote for our Euro-team, is a vote for people who will be open about expenses and who will take only the average workers wage (which is around £24,000 a year) - and not the full pay of over £60,000 our MP's/MEP's take at the moment.

A voter for the main parties is a vote for the current system that has encouraged the greed this recent news has exposed.

Anonymous said...

He might have stood before - but he's not done anything for the area in between. Still at least he's allowing comments - more than the other candidiates.