Friday, 1 May 2009

SSP Councillor Jim Bollan Suspended for defending Workers Rights...

Scottish Socialist Party Assistant National Secretary, Eddie Truman said, "You have to ask yourself what is so threatening about one man, one comrade, to them. It is because he dared to tell the truth."

Pamela Page, Campsie SSP and EC member said, "Jim is an inspiration. He is genuinely well loved and respected in Renton and the community work he is involved in is quietly revolutionary. Cooncil chiefs must explain to folk in the Carman centre why they have disenfranchised them. An abomination for democracy."

Suspended for speaking out for workers
By Jim Bollan
Jim Bollan has been suspended from West Dunbartonshire Council for 9 months

Free speech on West Dunbartonshire Council is a thing of the past if you try to protect Council worker's pay and conditions.... MORE HERE

Jim on his work as a Councillor and on the SSP:

Jim on the "Elected Dictatorship" HERE

Jim's Blog HERE

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