Sunday, 24 March 2013

New SSP Twitter account hits the road running!

The newly revamped twitter account for the SSP, @The_SSP_ , has hit the road running, with 8 new members signing up through twitter in its short lifespan (12 hours!) and 100 new followers in the same time period. The account has been set up to compliment the new interactive website, which will be live from tomorrow (Monday).

The SSP is the only full time and organised Socialist Party in Scotland, with hundreds of members and supporters across Scotland. It is a party that is proud of it's record in telling the truth to power and also being truthfull even though this may not be "politically opportune." We are not opportunists or professional politicians- we are ordinary working class people fighting for a fair- socialist- socially just Independent Scotland.

Anyone wanting to join can now do so using social media. Contact us and we will get details of local branches and activists to you within 12-24 hours.

Please follow the Twitter account ( @The_SSP_ ), sign up to the new FB account and keep an eye out for our new overhauled web presence!

The website is HERE

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