Sunday, 31 March 2013

The bedroom tax march, Glasgow

Stop press! Unionist Labour MP Ian Davidson caught on camera lying about his role in the allowing of passing of legislation in Westminster that implimented this dreadful tax? Watch the short video HERE and read the Hansard record of him taking the Labour line of abstention (recorded as absence) which meant the supposed party of the working class ALLOWED THIS LEGISLATION PASS WITHOUT OPPOSITION.
(information via Wings Over Scotland)

5000 angry anti-bedroom tax demonstrators rallied against the Tory/Liberal democrat government attacks on the vulnerable on Saturday.

The rally- one of hundreds of such rallies throughout the UK, went unreported by the billionaire and millionaire owned and controlled media.

After the rally, the SSP held a meeting which was attended by nearly seventy people at which they heard first person accounts of the effects the dreadful welfare attacks will have on their health and well being. Glasgow City Council is at present rolling out an image overhaul as "Glasgow the Nurturing City," yet the New Labour controlled council has not said it will save tenants from being made homeless by this pre-victorian style tax. This is less than nurturing- it is outright murderous.

SSP spokes person, Richie Venton said, "People are already going without meals to ensure their children are fed and clothed. Pensioners are already suffering hypothermia trying to make their money balance with each new billionaire owned energy company hike in fuel prices. Winter mortality is climbing to new heights because of the murderers Iain Duncan Smith, Cameron, Clegg and Osborne and their greedy cronies and hangers on in Westminster.

What should also not be forgotten is that this tax was designed by Gordon Brown and his New Blue Labour mob.

The only way to rid us of future poll taxes, bedroom taxes or breath taxes (or whatever new scheme the billionaires come up with to bleed more and more money from the pockets of the poor and vulnerable) is to vote Yes in the Independence Referendum next year. Yes to a fair, democratic, socialist Scotland. Yes is a step closer to our socialist republic. Yes is a kicking out of the greed and nastiness of the Westminster corporation owned Tories, Liberal Democrats and New Blue Labour."

Watch "Bedroom tax protest, Glasgow 30th March 2013" on YouTube

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