Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yes Lennoxtown

The Yes campaign had a public meeting tonight in Lennoxtown. About 40 people turned out to question panel members who included an SNP councillor, an economist, a business leader and an SSP member Sonya Scott speaking on the dreadful welfare reforms meted out by the Westminster coalition.

Willie Telfer, SSP member and union official spoke eloquently from the floor on the effect the coalition and the Union are having on jobs and also our want for a Government who doesn't send its young, poor men and women out to other countries to become collatoral in a fight for resources. What was made very clear at the meeting was that Scotland has resources that are being untapped because of greed and avarice of a bloated London/SE England centric political and economic system.

If you are from the area and missed this, Yes Scotland will be having another public meeting this Saturday 9th March starting at 2pm in Milton of Campsie Village Hall.

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