Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Comrades come rally - to the Mugdock International Music Festival!

SSP Campsie Branch BBQ - Saturday 16th June - starting at 4pm, Mugdock Country Park. Transport details to follow.

Check out the Mugdock website and you will see that our BBQ coincides with an international music festival. Comrades come rally - with your instruments! And we can sing/ play some left wing music to the music fans!

Bring yer own food and drink - we will supply charcoal, fire, paper plates and music! Bring a banner/ flag!
Our next meeting is in Milton of Campsie Village Hall, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 13th JUNE. New members are welcome. We will be giving an update of the fantastic developments in the Twechar Housing Campaign (see below for update). Also, come with ideas on a new branch banner and topics you would like to hear speakers on - or discussions you would like to have in branch in the future.

All comrades in the branch will have recieved this letter from Joint Branch Organiser, Pamela Page. Click on image to read -


Twechar Miners Welfare - Monday 11th June 7.30 pm
Since the Q&A session at Twechar Healthy Living Centre, confusion over the regeneration of Twechar has increased.

As one local resident put it - if you asked ten people who were at the meeting the same question you would get ten different answers!

People want answers to such questions as how many houses are being built and how many are being allocated to those being decanted? Where will people be decanted to and will amenities be adequate?

Older people are afraid that they will not be allowed to return to the village once they are moved -one of these a 93 year old woman who has lived in Twechar all her life...

and why is disturbance money being used to pay off rent and council tax arrears?

When one local resident contacted regeneration manager, JOHN GREY to ask some of these questions, she was informed that he did not speak to the public and that she should contact a housing officer. Where is the resident participation and transparency from Edinvar?

People are pleased that the village is being regenerated but are concerned and want answers to basic questions about their future.

Edinvar representatives, local Councillors and MSP's have been invited to this meeting. Come and put YOUR questions to those who should be giving you the answers YOU- THE PEOPLE OF TWECHAR - DESERVE.


For more information: Willie Telfer - 07966 782752

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