Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The RIGHT side of the road!


Well comrades, it's been a brilliant campaign. We've delivered 100,000s of bulletins, and collectively campaigned our socks off! I couldnae be prouder of everyone and every word in our 'People not Profit' manifesto.

So much positive has come out of this campaign. Personally, I've got to know some really amazing people who would walk from here to the end of the earth for other people and the party has really pulled together. We've lots to celebrate!

We are The Party setting the political agenda.

Election Day will come and go but we'll still be here fighting shoulder to shoulder in our communities for a better world. We've done it all in good humour and real 'solidarity'. That, my friends means we're already on the winning side.

We'll be having a get together 'Doon the watter' on the Waverley on the 27th May and a BBQ in Mugdock in June. Be there!


Pam, Wullie and I leafleted Wullie's council ward of Craigton. Our sitting councillor Keith Baldessara's ward has been split in two, but his popularity should help in this new ward and hopefully get Rosie support too. He's easily the hardest working councillor in Glasgow. His record is inspiring. Like Jim Bolan in Renton it really shows what a socialist can do if elected.

It was a scorcher today and we put in a serious shift before heading for a smashing wee Italian cafe for fuel! After lunch the socialist 'gods' were shining on us when we bumped into George McNeilage who joined in our efforts. Halfing our work in the process. Wot a gem that man is!


Met Pam and Frances at Buchanan street bus station at 8am to campaign on our free public transport policy. We had a stall and leafleted until about 930. Then we headed off to pick up a few things in Stanley street and Wullie McGartland joined us to campaign on free school meals in Cardonald.

Although it was sunny, it was freezing in the wind and Frances and myself used that as the excuse for how ravenous we were all day. Though how she managed to sneak a gigantic yum yum out of greggs without me seeing i'll never know! We also leafleted the college before doing a stall in a different area of the Cardonald in the afternoon. We were really well received and a few folk said that they would like to rejoin the party. Brilliant!


In the evening it was the hustings at st mary's church on home turf in Kirkintilloch. About 100 folk came along with the constituency candidates, ourselves and UKIP.

I was chuffed that a few of my students and their parents turned up in support.

I was chatting, as you do, with the other candidates before it and Stephanie from the Tories said that she had been interviewed about the election. She apparently said that she had learned from the most 'surprising of people' and name checked me! Then went on to say how she admired the fact that I was able to speak without fear or notes in some quite middle class environments. It was nice of her to say and she's a decent enough wumman but i'll let her intae a secret..... It's easy when you believe in what you're saying.

SSP candidates are not in this as a career move. We've the small matter of the world to change and will do so whether we're inside or outside the parley! Millions of people around the world agree and share this passion for justice and equality.

It's a shame for the other candidates, they may have paid agency workers to wear their garb and do the canvassing for them, but we have real comrades who make huge sacrifices for each other in a shared belief in humanity and the fight for a better world. That gives you amazing confidence.

In the morning I met with some of the other women SSP candidates to highlight the invisible nature of women and women's oppression in this election and politics generally. The SSP aims to take this seriously. We have a 50/50 policy in terms of our candidates, we are also working towards more inclusive methods of organising. We also have real demands. Listed below are some of our commitments. I am particularly proud of our progressive policy on prostitution. The Herald covered the story on Monday. Makes a change from constantly judging women politicians by their appearance. ( Though it must be said i'm on a mercy dash to the hairdressers on Thursday to get my roots done!)

We agreed to hold event at the Sandyford Initiative, 2-6 Sandyford Place, Sauchiehall St., in Glasgow at 12 midday. We want to highlight the demands below but also campaign for more and better non judgemental and supportive services for women.

We will have purpose made banners and a giant women's symbol and boards with our agreed priorities taken and and adapted from the manifesto in this order:

  1. The decriminalisation of women involved in prostitution
  2. Increased resources to enable a clamp down on kerb crawlers, teh closure of saunas, massage parlours and lap dancing clubs which operate as legalised brothels.
  3. Free emergency contraception available across the NHS and pharmacies and women's centres regardless of where women live and equal access to women's health services, including non judgemental support, information and services for women who want terminations.
  4. Greater funding for women's aid and other agencies which provide services for women who experience men's violence, abuse, rape and child sexual abuse.
  5. Equal access for all women to fertility and insemination services.
  6. A minimum of 12 months maternity leave, on full pay for public sector workersd, with the right to return part time. (with full powers over employment that should apply to all workers)
  7. Free, publicly funded nursery places for all pre school children.
  8. After school weekend and holiday clubs in every locality for school age children
  9. Full implemenatation of equal pay in the public sector by levelling up, not down, including full settlement of back money owed. Equal pay is a right not a negotiation.
  10. Free environmentally friendly sanitary protection for all women.

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