Friday, 4 May 2007

From Campsie Branch Organisers

Well done all of the SSP comrades who worked their socks off during this election. Unfortunately this was not our election. Changes in the electoral system and a surge of votes for the SNP have meant the SSP as well as other small parties, have been squeezed out.

A year is a long, long time in politics. A year ago we were riding high and had ambitions for more seats and for a plethora of council seats. And a year ago we in Scotland on the left were hoping Tommy Sheridan would not take the path he had planned. We hoped that sense would prevail from him and the groups around him. This was not to happen. Egged on by the SWP and CWI, and other individuals, Sheridan set about the destruction of the gains the left had made in 2003.

The verdict? Tommy’s foray into the courts and his subsequent slandering of SSP colleagues has meant the decimation of the left in this years elections. This is a disgrace, and all of those who surrounded and advised, or at worst encouraged this man should be disgraced in the eyes of the left.

The only way is up, comrades, and we should ensure the socialist message is still on the streets for the next four years.

The SSP is a party of integrity, and we will be back into the Parliament, though the Parliament should not be our priority. Our priority is working to help people and facilitate the Socialist message.

We have work to do – and that work starts now.

Neil Scott
Pamela Page
Campsie Branch SSP Organisers

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