Friday, 25 May 2007

Tesco workers sacked by taxi

Click on the "Value for Shareholders" sign for a leaflet you can print out and send to the TGWU in solidarity:
Drivers at the Tesco delivery depots in Scotland are striking against brutal threats from the multinational’s bosses.

Management have insisted drivers must sign up to pay cuts of between £3-6,000, and accept de-recognition of their trade union, and have in fact just spent a day scuttling round Scotland in taxis delivering redundancy notices to their drivers’ homes. The drivers deliver food and supplies to 100 stores across the country, which will be hit hard by the three-day strike on the eve of the busy bank holiday weekend. Tesco bosses are using the excuse of a move to a new site - 50 yards across the motorway from the existing Livingston depot.

ACTION YOU CAN TAKE: something everyone can do is ring up the Tesco Customer Service line on 0800 50 55 55. It's a freephone number.

One SSP member has said:
After discovering it I have just rung up and said as a regular Tesco shopper. I am concerned that they have sacked their drivers and used cowboy driver company Yuill & Dodds. [It is important to be polite and friendly in manner - it's a low-paid call-centre worker you will be speaking to.] I asked if this report was true, because if so I would be ending my custom and advising others to do likewise.

The lad said it was a strike because of a move to new depot - but I was able to advise him the strike only started last night whereas drivers were sacked by taxi deliveries two days ago, etc. In fact I think he was genuinely shocked at the facts of £3-6,000 pay cuts, union de-recognition, sackings of the drivers etc.

They will ask for your name and address, and I asked for a written explanation from top management - which is unlikely to happen, but all such calls are logged and passed on to top manmagement! So it's a simple and free way to pressurise Tesco bosses.

Please act on these suggestions - and let us know of any interesting responses you get!
Please pass the word.

More information will be posted on the SSP website.

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