Sunday, 15 August 2010


Learning from the Past - SSP member Neil Scott explains how the past is important in informing a fair future. HERE

NEW- 1937 Newspaper "The Fighting Call" HERE

1935 Pamphlet "The Head Fixing Industry" by John Keracher HERE

Guest Blogger - Scottish Green Party blogger, Kristofer Keane on The Case for a Scottish Left-Green Movement HERE

@joswinson - £64,766 (before expense claims) well spent? HERE

Robbing Peter to Pay Peter by Ron Mackay HERE

Review by Alex Miller, The Imperial Controversy: Challenging the Empire Apologists, by Andrew Murray HERE

URGENT APPEAL on behalf of one of the Miami 5 HERE

SSP Campsie BBQ Photos (Updated 4 8 10) - HERE

Latest Campsie Voice HERE

Guest Blogger - The Economic Situation by Campbell Martin HERE

Scottish Socialist Voice Special Budget Edition HERE

More Budget coverage HERE

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