Tuesday, 6 March 2012

To Jo Swinson...

Dear Jo Swinson

After the defeat of the EDM 2659, asking for 'the publication of risk register associated with the Health and Social Care Bill reforms in advance of Report Stage in the House of Lords in order to ensure that it informs that debate,' which was signed by 15 Liberal Democrats, could you tell me your view on this with-holding of important information that would help inform the public further on NHS reorganisation? Do you feel the Risk Register should be published?  If so, what are the Liberal Democrats and in particular, you, the MP for East Dunbartonshire doing to allow the public to read it?

Do you support calls for it's release?  

Although a council matter, the PPP/PFI interest payments on projects in East Dunbartonshire are eating a large, and increasing part of the East Dunbartonshire (now frozen) Council Tax income.  Do you agree that the PPP/PFI agreements in East Dunbartonshire should be renegotiated?  Do you agree that the interest payments on these "investments" in order to create huge “Guaranteed returns on investment,” are hugely excessive and an unnecessary drain on local services and jobs?

Neil Scott
Campsie Branch SSP

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