Friday, 13 April 2012

Visit to Faslane

We are visiting Faslane base tomorrow. This is the letter we intend to deliver. If anyone else would like their name associated with it, let me know here or email me at

To the workers in Faslane Base.

Dear Worker

We have come to the base today to protest at the presence of nuclear weapons in Scotland.

We won’t patronise you with information on the dangers of these weapons, and we are sure you know that the money spent on these weapons of mass destruction would be better spent on ensuring our children are educated and our sick and old people are taken care of.

We understand, though, that the worry for any worker is that they will be made unemployed. We want to assure you that in an 
Independent Scotland, we as socialists will fight to ensure that you are redeployed and retrained in jobs that are socially valuable with no loss of pay. We will also fight to ensure that communities such as the local economies around Gare Loch are earmarked for special funding that results from the savings the country will make when these weapons and military establishments are dismantled.

Most of us on this protest are from East Dunbartonshire, a Scottish Local Authority that prides itself with the term, “Nuclear Free.” Of course if there was an accident at Faslane that meant a leakage, or worse, this claim would mean nothing. We have a special interest in ensuring these weapons are removed ie, the future of our children (and anyone else’s child who potentially could be on the receiving end of one of these weapons).

For a Nuclear Free Scotland

Campsie Socialists

We'll be publishing an article about our visit and also an article by one of the women on the camp in the coming days...

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