Thursday, 15 April 2010

Leaders Debates - Scots not represented

Tonight on telly, three unionist capitalist parties will fight over who will be the party to shaft the poor and workers of this country in order to pay off rich bankers gambling debts.

They will discuss how they will make your children's education suffer and how many more billions they will use to kill poor Afghanis and economic conscripts to the British Army.

They will discuss who can sell off the NHS the quickest and how they will sell off Scottish Water to a private company and they will discuss how many workers they will lay off.

None of them will discuss making the rich pay their share in the "austerity" drive and none of them will discuss saving the country billions of pounds by stopping the bombing of poor countries nor will they discuss ridding the country of unnecessary spending of billions of YOUR money on replacements of Cold War technology with cold War technology.

None of them will consider making non-dom tax dodging illegal... or making it illegal to dodge tax in this country by spuriously charging everything up to companies etc.

None of them will promise to fight for a Scottish Socialist Republic.

If you twitter, please join in the online demonstration by tweeting your disgust at not being represented- add the hashtags #scotlandspeaks #leadersdebate and if you agree with the SSP - add #ssp or #scottishsocialistparty

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