Saturday, 3 April 2010

SSP Campsie in Kirkintilloch today

Campsie Branch were out in force in Kirkintilloch today, talking to people about the proposed cuts all of the main political parties have decided to mete out on the working class. Our leaflet advertising a meeting about the cuts can be seen HERE

The people of Scotland are being forced to pay the gambling debts of the bankers. Politicians from all of the main parties are supporting this. The Scottish Socialist Party are calling on the Government to, amongst other ways,

• raise the money through taxing the rich
• Ring-fence services – the Government has already started to close schools/ cut schools budgets/ close community centres/ reduce provision in our Health Service
• close the tax loopholes that means the very rich do not pay
• Scrap the useless cold war nuclear weapon systems at Faslane – the proposed replacement of these has been budgeted at around £100 billion
• Bring home our troops from the costly and unwinnable Afghanistan war
• Save our kid's school bus runs - 1200 more children will have to pay for school buses because of the boundary changes
• For more details on what we propose, go to

Teacher, Neil Scott, explains how the cuts are already effecting children's education.

Linda and Pamela leaflet Harestanes, Kirkintilloch.

The petition calling on the Government not to make us pay for the millionaires crisis in cuts in services and taxing the working class, was extremely popular.


Anonymous said...

Fox out! Telfer for leader!

Campsie Scottish Socialist Party said...

The SSP have not got "a" leader. Colin Fox is co-spokesperson with Frances Curran. Willie Telfer has, at the moment, no ambition to become a joint spokesperson of the SSP, but very much wants to help the people of Kirkintilloch fight against cuts from Westminster, Holyrood or Tom Johnstone House.