Sunday, 31 March 2013

The bedroom tax march, Glasgow

Stop press! Unionist Labour MP Ian Davidson caught on camera lying about his role in the allowing of passing of legislation in Westminster that implimented this dreadful tax? Watch the short video HERE and read the Hansard record of him taking the Labour line of abstention (recorded as absence) which meant the supposed party of the working class ALLOWED THIS LEGISLATION PASS WITHOUT OPPOSITION.
(information via Wings Over Scotland)

5000 angry anti-bedroom tax demonstrators rallied against the Tory/Liberal democrat government attacks on the vulnerable on Saturday.

The rally- one of hundreds of such rallies throughout the UK, went unreported by the billionaire and millionaire owned and controlled media.

After the rally, the SSP held a meeting which was attended by nearly seventy people at which they heard first person accounts of the effects the dreadful welfare attacks will have on their health and well being. Glasgow City Council is at present rolling out an image overhaul as "Glasgow the Nurturing City," yet the New Labour controlled council has not said it will save tenants from being made homeless by this pre-victorian style tax. This is less than nurturing- it is outright murderous.

SSP spokes person, Richie Venton said, "People are already going without meals to ensure their children are fed and clothed. Pensioners are already suffering hypothermia trying to make their money balance with each new billionaire owned energy company hike in fuel prices. Winter mortality is climbing to new heights because of the murderers Iain Duncan Smith, Cameron, Clegg and Osborne and their greedy cronies and hangers on in Westminster.

What should also not be forgotten is that this tax was designed by Gordon Brown and his New Blue Labour mob.

The only way to rid us of future poll taxes, bedroom taxes or breath taxes (or whatever new scheme the billionaires come up with to bleed more and more money from the pockets of the poor and vulnerable) is to vote Yes in the Independence Referendum next year. Yes to a fair, democratic, socialist Scotland. Yes is a step closer to our socialist republic. Yes is a kicking out of the greed and nastiness of the Westminster corporation owned Tories, Liberal Democrats and New Blue Labour."

Watch "Bedroom tax protest, Glasgow 30th March 2013" on YouTube

Friday, 29 March 2013

Yes Torrance!


7pm in the Comm. Ed Hall. Monday 8th April.

Come have a conversation about the independence referendum- the most important event in Scotland's future!

Speakers: Fiona Mcleod, SNP MSP; Dr Sonya Scott, SSP -speaking about the disgusting Tory/Liberal Democrat changes to welfare; Bill Newman, retired City of London Banker, SSP- speaking on his experiences of Scotland as a sassanach and on economics and Willie Telfer, SSP on the unions and employment rights.

There will be food and music and chat!

Be there or be somewhere else less interesting!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

New SSP Twitter account hits the road running!

The newly revamped twitter account for the SSP, @The_SSP_ , has hit the road running, with 8 new members signing up through twitter in its short lifespan (12 hours!) and 100 new followers in the same time period. The account has been set up to compliment the new interactive website, which will be live from tomorrow (Monday).

The SSP is the only full time and organised Socialist Party in Scotland, with hundreds of members and supporters across Scotland. It is a party that is proud of it's record in telling the truth to power and also being truthfull even though this may not be "politically opportune." We are not opportunists or professional politicians- we are ordinary working class people fighting for a fair- socialist- socially just Independent Scotland.

Anyone wanting to join can now do so using social media. Contact us and we will get details of local branches and activists to you within 12-24 hours.

Please follow the Twitter account ( @The_SSP_ ), sign up to the new FB account and keep an eye out for our new overhauled web presence!

The website is HERE

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Campsie Socialists at Westerton Yes Public Meeting

Two SSP Campsie members spoke at Yes Westerton today. Dr Sonya Scott spoke on the disasterous Westminster/Tory/Liberal Democrat led welfare cuts and Bill Newman, a retired banker, spoke on the future economy and also his want, as a "sassanach" for a fair-socialist-independent Scotland. Other speakers were the Economist Gordon Macintyre-Kemp and local SNP organiser Ian Macdonald.

Contributions and questions from the floor were lively and those at the top table were properly grilled.

The people of Westerton were concerned with the future of the economy and how fair an independent Scotland will be for their children and grandchildren.

People from across the political spectrum and indeed, age-groups were represented. We had an international audience with Spanish, Australian and other nationalities represented in the meeting. And trades unionists from across the world of labour came along with genuine questions about pensions, wages and working conditions in a future Scotland.

Contributions from the floor and the speakers managed to debunk and smash the national media's biased No campaign claims of Scotland as "too wee and too stupid," - the audience left with no illusions of how resource rich Scotland really is.

Neil Scott, SSP Campsie branch organiser posted this during the meeting-

"One thing all of us here have in common is we want a better world for ourselves, our families and our children.

The campaign is choc full of ideas and there are three main political parties involved as well as non and cross party organisations.

The parties involved are the SSP of which I am a member, the SNP and the Greens.

The vision we have for the route to a better Scotland doesnt really differ that much- but check our websites or speak to us about what our visions are. We all want a fair Scotland- the SSP believe that socialism is the step towards fairness.  All of us agree that a Yes next year will create the ground on which the seeds of equality will be sown..."

The rest of this article is on his blog, HERE

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Milton of Campsie Yes Scotland public meeting...

Yes Scotland held a public meeting today in Milton of Campsie Village Hall. The conversation with local people was kicked off by speakers Fiona Mcleod SNP MSP; Dr Sonya Scott (SSP -speaking on the Westminster Liberal Democrat/Tory Welfare cuts and economic attacks on the working, the working poor, those without work and our vulnerable poor and disabled) and Gordon MacIntyre (economist).

The meeting was lively and positive and all of those who attended, after expressing concerns and asking questions, signed the Yes declaration.

The next meetings are in Milngavie Fraser Centre next Saturday between 2 and 4 pm and in Twechar on Sunday between 12 noon and 2pm. There will also be a Yes Scotland Public meeting in Bearsden Public Hall on Wednesday 20th March from 8pm - 10pm.

See you all there!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yes Lennoxtown

The Yes campaign had a public meeting tonight in Lennoxtown. About 40 people turned out to question panel members who included an SNP councillor, an economist, a business leader and an SSP member Sonya Scott speaking on the dreadful welfare reforms meted out by the Westminster coalition.

Willie Telfer, SSP member and union official spoke eloquently from the floor on the effect the coalition and the Union are having on jobs and also our want for a Government who doesn't send its young, poor men and women out to other countries to become collatoral in a fight for resources. What was made very clear at the meeting was that Scotland has resources that are being untapped because of greed and avarice of a bloated London/SE England centric political and economic system.

If you are from the area and missed this, Yes Scotland will be having another public meeting this Saturday 9th March starting at 2pm in Milton of Campsie Village Hall.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Chavez Muerte

RIP Companero. Chavez agitated, inspired and fought and fought on the side of ordinary people. I hope the revolution he and his comrades started continues.

We mourn with Venezuela.