Saturday, 31 August 2013

SSP campaigning in Kirkintilloch against #bedroomtax today...

"Are you'se handing out fivers?"-the observation of a passer by to the amazing, sometimes six deep at the table, response to our #‎bedroomtax stall in Kirkintilloch today.

We filled 8 petition sheets and had to use a couple of blank sheets hastily hand made into petitions by a comrade!

Kirkintilloch is definately against this dreadful robbery of the most vulnerable of our society.

Tories/Labour and Libdems in the council please note...

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

SSP Campsie plea to Minister

SSP Campsie members Neil Scott and Angus Clark delivering a letter on behalf of local Socialists urging  Jo Swinson MP and Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition Minister to vote against murderous military intervention that is being promoted by Tory Prime Minister David Cameron. The letter can be read here

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

No to war in #Syria

Open letter from Campsie Socialists to Jo Swinson:

Dear Jo Swinson

We understand that Parliament is to be reconvened this Thursday in order for the Prime Minister to put forward a case for intervention in the dreadful Syrian Civil War.  This comes on the back of the US and UK governments already supplying help to the opposition forces – forces that include groups that are linked with terrorism across the world. 

This is a war that has on both sides, what MP Paul Flynn has described as “evil fanatics.”  He has warned that this civil war with large economic powers at loggerheads supporting different outcomes, could very quickly escalate into a regional war and, dreadful to think, a world war.
The use of chemical weapons, and the TV images of this dreadful incident, is abhorrent. But this act of mass murder should not be used as a reason for military intervention that will only make living in that region much more dangerous.  Military intervention will only displace millions more people and lead to many more people losing their lives.

The interventions in the Middle East, and especially in strategic and resource rich countries, is reminiscent of the build up to the situations that led to the two world wars in the early twentieth century.  After both world wars, the middle-east was carved up in the interests of the imperial powers – not of the people in the region.  What happens in Syria in the coming weeks will have huge implications in countries, including ours, across the world as the world powers line up to carve out what the unrest in the Middle East allows them to. 

Western intervention never works, is always self-serving and always increases human suffering.  This should be the lesson of history you take with you to the chamber on Thursday.

Please act with the evidence of history, please act with principle and please act with compassion.  We should not be backing war in this region.

Campsie Branch (East Dunbartonshire) SSP

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Despite New Labour divisive words, Glasgow Hiroshima commemoration retains dignity

a personal view, by Campsie SSP member Neil Scott (@nwsocialist)

Tonight across Scotland, Peace activists commemorated the dreadful mass murder of over 200,000 Japanese children, women and men by the US use of nuclear weapons during the closing weeks of World War 2.  These weapons did not- and do not- distinguish between civilians and military, nor do they distinguish between BAE / Serco/ G4s shareholders, workers, politicians, soldiers nor peace protestors.

These weapons have been used in conflict twice in history, by the USA, and are weapons of mass murder that no sane person will ever use, yet in these times of Tory and Liberal Democrat cuts, all three main unionist parties in Westminster support their estimated at least £65-100 billion replacement and upgrade.

All of the UK's nuclear weapons- around 200 of them, each with power at least eight times that of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs are all housed 30 miles from Glasgow on the Clyde.

Tonight I joined with SSP Campsie members and peace protestors from CND to walk from the peace tree in Botanic Gardens to the peace tree in Kelvingrove Park.

The demonstration was dignified- poetry was read and a Scottish woman who had family friends killed by the dreadful weapon laid chrysanthemums in memory of those she had known.

Speakers from across the political benches spoke of their want for a nuclear free world. Most agreed with the CND stance that a yes in next years referendum would rid Scotland- and most probably by example lead to the disarming of the rest of the British isles and beyond.

Bill Butler, New Labour Councillor, caused discord during an empty New Labour speech heavy on meaningless spun buzz words.  He expressed how New Labour agreed with the Liberal Democrat and Tory Westminster coalition partners nuclear stance. He blindly quoted the no campaign partners policy of using nukes as bargaining chips. 

Pulling the independence referendum debate further into the no campaign gutter, he accused previous fellow Councillor speakers Green Party representative Martha Wardrop ( @MarthaWardrop ) and SNP representative Feargal Dalton ( @PartickFeargal ) & @ScottishCND of "infantilism"for their support of a Yes next year.

But most disgustingly of all he twisted the words of Nagasaki and Hiroshima politicians to make it sound that they supported Westminster rule.

CND organiser, Brian Quail, along with SSP members, voiced thei disgust and anger at Butler's divisive speech.

Despite Butlers bitter words, the dignity and integrity of the principled commemoration shone through.

90 year old CND peace activist and Scottish Socialist Party member Ron Mackay rounded the demonstration off with protest music on his saxaphone.

For more details on anti nuclear demonstration and activity, check and

Saturday, 3 August 2013

SSP and Greens working for Yes in Milngavie

Campsie Socialists and local Greens manned a Yes Scotland stall in Milngavie this morning.

Afterwards, SSP Member, Alan Green said, "What was striking was just how many disaffected Labour voters and ex- Labour Party members were keen to listen to our view of a future independent democratic country.

The dismal image the Tory, Liberal Democrat and New Labour Party have been painting of present day and a future Scotland is not one progressive left supporters recognise.

The recent publicity given to the rapidly expanding Labour for Independence group was noticable as more and more people spoke about their disapointment that the Labour Party seems to speak more for the well off Etonian Liberals at the heart of Government than the working and poor it used to represent.

Many people were glad to hear the pro working class vision of the SSP and the ecological concerns of the Greens.

Milngavie is well on its way to voting Yes!"

(photo- Alan Green canvassing for Yes in Milngavie- c/o @Ross_Greer)