Friday, 30 January 2015

SSP Podcast: Jogging Jim and the Patriotic Imperial Masters

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In this podcast: SSP Spokeswoman, Sandra Webster on her experiences of being a carer in Tory ruled Scotland, me on the patriotic fracking nonsense of the labour party, Lewis Akers on being a young SSP activist and Tommy Ball with this weeks political round up.

 Music: Roy Moller from his latest album, My Week Beats Your Year, on Stereogram recordings - “Captivity.” The Cathode Ray – “Resist” and St Christopher Medal: "Vatersay Love Song,” also on Stereogram recordings. Joe Solo - No Pasaran (The Ballad of Jack Atkinson) And his track with Rebekah Findlay – We will be free The Wakes, “These Hands.”


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

SSP Public Meeting: 'The Greek Election – an eyewitness report’

SSP Public Meeting on 'The Greek Election - an eyewitness report' , will see Colin Fox reporting on his trip to Athens for the Greek General election and what lessons we in Scotland can take from our Greek comrades. With 'Syriza' in the lead and likely to form the first radical left-wing Government in Europe since WW2, Colin Fox will be giving a first hand account of the current situation in Greece and outlining the political implications for the socialist movement throughout Europe.


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Greece 2 - SSP podcast from the Syriza Victory in Athens!

On the night that Syriza, the radical left party in Greece win at the polls, SSP activist Tommy Ball explains the implications this will have across Europe and Colin Fox reports from the celebrations on the ground in Athens!
Music from The Manics, The Wakes and Frightened Rabbit...

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Scottish Socialist Party...podcast from Greece!

Half an hour of news from Greece, views from Scotland and music!

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