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1.Voters use the first ballot paper to elect members of the Scottish Parliament. Your MSP's. This is where we vote to get Pamela Page into the Parliament as a representative of the Working Class - the other parties all represent the world of business and the millionaires.

2. The left side of the ballot paper is peach, the right side is lilac

3. You get two votes on this ballot paper

4. The peach side is where you choose your regional MSPs. This is where you will find Pamela Page - put your X beside Scottish Socialist Party - Pamela Page.

5. The lilac side is where you choose your constituency MSP.

6. If you do not want to vote for any of the constituency choices (the SSP are not standing in the constituency vote) - leave it blank. IF YOU SPOIL ANY PART OF YOUR PAPER IT INVALIDATES BOTH BITS!!

7. Do not fold the ballot paper when you put it into the appropriate box


1. Voters use the second ballot to elect their local councillor. In EAST Dunbartonshire, your SSP Choices are in Bearsden North, Neil Scott; In Milngavie, Bill Newman; in East Kirkintilloch and Twechar, Willie Telfer and in Lenzie and South Kirkintilloch, Moira Brown.

2. This is the white ballot paper

3. You do not use a cross for this vote

4. You number the candidates in order of preference 1 for SSP candidate and 2,3 etc for any other candidates you feel will promote social justice. You can only place the number 1 on the ballot paper if you like.

5. You can mark as many or as few as you like, but you must use numbers not an x

7. Do not fold the ballot paper when you put it into the appropriate box

Red Greenock, the Beach and the Workers Wage...

SSP Women Candidates...


Tuesday 16th
Twechar Beach invasion!
As you already know we called a public meeting on housing in the village.
200 council houses are due to be demolished by the council, despite them
refusing the tenants a vote on the issue! Only 80 houses for social rent
will replace them, as well as another 40 that will be partly privatised at
more expensive rents. This is not a housing solution for the people, this is
for private profit.

The meeting was great. 60 people attended despite Man U being on the telly!
We made it clear that, in true Freire style, that we were there to listen and
offer our assitance to their campaign. It is a credit to the SSP that we
have arranged a housing surgery and another meeting for the Saturday and
Tuesday AFTER the election. We are in this for the long haul, because we are
part of these communities not parachuted in at election times.

Thursday 19th
Bearsden Churches hustings

This was the same day that the Poverty Alliance launched their manifesto and
I made it clear that our People not Profit manifesto is the only solution to
poverty and inequality. Other parties think cutting poverty by X% is
laudable, whereas we refuse to accept poverty at all in an oil rich nation!

Linda and I turned up to what was a very well attended (about 250 people)
hustings at kessington hall. It had a kinda dynasty ring to it and I was
disappointed to find that Blake and Crystal didnae appear....

There was the constituency candidates, including my first brush with the
Christian party as well as ourselves and the greens from the list.

Linda felt that I was well received on most issues. Questions ranged from
the state of the NHS, including the junior doctors' contract fiasco, to
which I responded by saying that it is indicative of what happens when we
allow Pirate Privateers who know the cost of everything but the value of
nothing to run our services.

I also trumpeted our free public transport policy in response to a question
on climate change but was surprised to find the green candidate rubbishing
our policy. From what I can gather their alternative is to install solar
panels on their four by fours!! Less than half of carbon emissions are
caused by individuals and it is a falacy to think that capitalism can have a
caring side that will save our environment. They talk the talk but don't
walk the walk. It seems they are sacred of offending business interests.
Everyone knows Radical Action is needed. I want to live in a Scotland that
has the guts to stand against the corporate greed that is destroying the
planet and take positive action to save it, not rely on the goodwill of
giant multinationals. But hey ho that's why I'm in the SSP not the Green

Least said about our Christian candidate the better suffice to say he thinks
that the crisis in the NHS is due to moral decline, abortion rates and
teachers handing out condoms willy nilly. He was given short shrift by the
audience. It takes aw sorts right enough.

One man directly asked the New Labour candidate about the illegal war in Iraq.
To which he waffled that it wasn't illegal but said he knew it was 'a bit of
a mess'. I asked to be able to respond and got great applause when I said
that the 600,000 dead Iraqis and the over 100 British soldiers wouldn't
think it was a bit of a mess! And that it was sheer hypocrisy to have a
pre-emptive strike on a country under the guise of them having weapons of
mass destruction when our very own weapons of mass destruction are lurking
on the Clyde.

The night didn't finish till well after ten and I was feeling a bit jiggered
with working this week but managed to rouse myself to make a few points in
my closing remarks. Namely that I was delighted to see the other parties
falling over themselves during the election to support the SSP's demand for
the scrapping of the hated council tax but wondered why when they had the
opportunity to get rid of it in the Parley they refused. It's just another
example of how the SSP have been the conscience of the parliament, shaping
the agenda on free prescriptions, free nutritious school meals and asylum to
mention a few issues that we have campaigned for week in week out. Not just
in the few weeks in the run up to an election.

I ended by saying that if elected I wouldn't disappear into the cosy parley
atmosphere. I would follow Frances before me on the streets, picket lines,
taking direct action at Faslane and wherever else, fighting injustice,
shoulder to shoulder with working class people in our communities. Refusing
to take the 53,000 salary that Msps and 5% of the population earn.

Vote Pamela Page on a worker's wage!

At the end of the hustings a young man came up to the platform to shake my
hand and say hello. I got a tremendous boost when he said that he was
thinking of voting for Sheridan but had changed his mind during the hustings
and was voting for us! Integrity Indeed.

Saturday 28th


Pam, Davy and I campaigned in Greenock today, which has become the Petrograd
of the West in recent weeks. We did a stall on the council tax and were well
received. I was delighted that three people asked about joining. One woman
asked who we were and said " Brilliant I was asked earlier on by another
'socialist' party and said No I want to join the SSP!' Welcome comrade!

We made a wee trip to the shows by the shore... long story photeez to
follow... but needless to say our national secretary is certainly a risk
taker. Don't know if Al Green would have went on some of those rides. I
stuck to the tame waltser type extravaganza but think i'm a land lubber to
be honest.

Greenock is the business though, my nana is from there and Davy Landels is
no bad either! the Mighty Morton have won the league too so lots to

Our Campsie comrades were out campaigning locally. Busy week ahead but i've
taken a weeks unpaid leave so dying to get stuck in!

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


PAMELA'S DIARY - With a week to go, the hardest working candidate in the West of Scotland is still going strong! Is their no end to her energy?

Wednesday 18th
Kirkintilloch Rotary hustings.
I invited myself along to this event and was the only list candidate on the
platform. It was well attended with about 50-60 people there. The majority
of questions were from small business people in the audience who were
complaining about the threat to local shops in the area due to transport
issues and the fact that the two big supermarkets in the area have sucked
the lifeblood out of the town.

As the only person on the platform to live in the main street I was only too
well aware of how many boarded up shops we have in Kirky and our policies
against big out of town developments went down surprisingly well as did our
free public transport policy.
The Tory candidate did say at one point that
everyone on the panel would agree that we had to cut corporation tax though
- to which I had to put her right!

People Not profit! Community shops and farmers markets with good transport
links was the order of the day. They did lay on good cakes right enough!

Thursday 19th
Chamber of Commerce hustings in Dumbarton.
Pam kindly drove me to this event as it would have been impossible to get
there for 6 after work otherwise. Roll on a fully integrated Free Public
Transport system!

It wasn't as well attended as the previous night (about 25
folk) with a couple of other list candidates also invited onto the platform.
Again I put forward our People Not Profit agenda. Questions of note were again transport links, Dumbarton high street losing shops. There was a question about the Vale of Leven hospital and I was able to counter Jackie Ballie's argument that new labour have pumped millions into the NHS with the fact this money has been siphoned off by PFI extortionists, which went down well. I was also well received when I was able to be critical of West Dumbarton council and the whole issue of quangos and lack of transparency/ unaccountability in local decision making.

Pamela and I had an apparation the other night - a strange statue, almost religious in look, appeared to us just outside Faifley, on the back road to Bearsden! We went past last night and she is still there, guiding weary motorists. She isn't as good as sat nav though, she took us to Milngavie which was the wrong way altogether. Though she did seem to be saying something...

We also saw a statue which appears to be Gengis Khan's head on a plinth, at the other end of Clydebank near McGonagle's prize winning floating chippy (floating chippy of the year 1994).

It's just typical that all of these photo opportunities occur when you leave the camera at home. We will be back, although I'm not sure Genghis sends out the right message.

We then went to Neil's to drop off placards in Bearsden.

Saturday 21st
Campsie Branch party
The comrades had been out placarding which really put a spring in my step
before the party. It was great to see so many friends and comrades and we
had a great night. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to give us a wee
boost before the election and a chance to relax from all the hard work we've
been putting in.


Click on "March" on the right hand side of your screen to read about the council candidates in East Dunbartonshire - scroll down to read about Pamela Page, your SSP list candidate for the West of Scotland!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

People Power on Twechar Beach...

Over sixty Twechar residents invaded Twechar Beach and then attended the public meeting on the Twechar “Regeneration” project.

The meeting was a real success for people power in the village. Pamela Page Chaired and said this meeting was not about her coming along to turn it into a political meeting. People knew the SSP record in the area and how they had helped in various campaigns in Twechar and beyond. She said this meeting was about what people wanted done about the issue of good quality, affordable houses in their village.

Willie Telfer, the SSP Council Candidate for the area reminded people how over the years, local government seemingly more concerned with the middle class voters in Milngavie and Bearsden, had let the village down. He also reminded them of the times over the past 25 years when the people of the village had to pull together and fight aggressive policies thrown at the village by Westminster and by Tom Johnston House, from the decimation of their local coal industry, to the campaign to keep the community centre in the community.

He reminded them of how Jack McConnell had cut the ribbon on the new, village run centre the Labour / Lib Dem Council tried to close and do away with. They were reminded that it was not the Labour Party or any other outside force that had won their battles with the bus companies – it was them. It was the people of Twechar.

Willie also made two further election promises. He promised that if the people of Kirkintilloch East and Twechar returned him as one of the three Councillors, within a few weeks he would have chapped on every door in the ward. He said that if people wanted to slam the door on his face, then that was their right. But he said if people wanted to invite him in and give him scones and tea, he would sit with them and unlike the other parties with their meaningless surveys he would ask, “What do you want for your community?” And then he would fight tooth and nail to get what the community see as their priorities. His second promise was that if he WASN’T elected, he would ensure the Housing Campaign would be up and running, and not ran by the SSP – but by the people of the village.

Willie has not waited until election defeat. Already volunteers have come forward from the more than sixty people present to say they are willing to help organise the campaign.

Andy Locke, the SSP Housing Spokesperson is setting up a surgery for after the election at which people can question him on their housing issues. The first of these will be held at 11am on Saturday 5th May – two days after the election. The SSP are committed to helping this campaign and the people of Twechar regardless of the outcome of the election.

Anyone wishing to help the campaign should come along to a meeting on Tuesday 8th May at 7.30pm in the Miners Welfare.

Remember – this campaign can have a voice in Holyrood and East Dunbartonshire Council – Vote Pamela Page and Vote Willie Telfer!

Sunday, 22 April 2007


Twechar SSPCouncillor candidate, Willie Telfer has vowed to fight the council on the beaches -Twechar beach. The council houses beside the infamous Twechar beach are due to be demolished. Willie said, 'When this scheme was announced, we thought there would be great new houses for everyone. It turns out the council figures may mean some families camping on Twechar beach, because they are not building enough!' He went on, 'They plan to demolish over 200 council houses and only rebuild 80 for renting. Another 40 will bepartly sold off to the private sector. This will result in more expensive rents, - an immediate rise of 10% and the scrapping of the two weeks free rent in March and at Christmas. There will be no guaranteed future rent caps, even though every other scheme like this over the past few years in other areas across Scotland have had this promise. A quick look at the sums shows that some local people will be forced to move out of the area. This is not a housing solution to suit the people of Twechar. It is being forced on us without a ballot. Why is the council scared to let people have their say? They are scared we would insist on a better solution to our local housing needs. I am wanting the people of Twechar to come to a public meeting on Tuesday 24th April to voice their concerns about this. This is a Dunkirk like siege. Poor people are being attacked by the local authority and by the developers. The people of Twechar will fight 'em on the beaches!'

The invasion will take place at 7pm and will be followed by a Public Meeting at 7.30pm in Twechar Miner's Welfare Club.

Speakers: Frances Curran MSP; Willie Telfer, SSP Council Candidate; Pamela Page, SSP Scottish Parliamentary candidate for the West of Scotland; Andy Locke, Housing issues expert.


Ron on Saxaphone

Lesley and party

Liz and Dubya

Frances Curran MSP and party

Mairtin struts his stuff...

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THE Party to be at this Saturday...


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We'll fight 'em on the Beaches! (Part 2)

Scroll right down to find out what Pamela Page and the SSP propose for the West of Scotland and the rest of Scotland!

Click "March" on the right hand side of your screen to read what the the East Dunbartonshire Council candidates pledge to do in your Council.

In the meantime, read on for more of Pamela's campaign trail!

Friday 13th Frances, Davy and I bulletined a ward in

Saturday 14th
Pam, young comrade Jo and myself set off for the Scottish
Riveria in the fight for socialism! Covering sunny
Saltcoats where we did a colourful balloon festooned stall
on the council tax and bulletined Ardrossan as well as
delivering the rest of Nigel Hunter's inspiring leaflets
in his ward.

In Saltcoats I was talking to a couple from Donegal who
were commenting on how terrible they feel senior citizens
are treated in Scotland in comparison to
Ireland and that the council tax is a particularly unfair
tax on those on low incomes.

A young man asked to join the party and said
he was impressed
with the broadcast on free public transport as this would
be of benefit to many in the area who have to commute for

I overheard one woman saying to her friends 'that's Tommy
Sheridan's lot' and scrupling up her leaflet but when I
explained to her that he was no longer with us she
apologised and was very supportive. We are the party
who are not afraid to tell the truth!

Another man gave us a large donation and wanted a shot
of our minimegaphone!

So all in all a very successful mornings campaigning.

It was a scorcher of a day and we put in a shift before
needing two nurofen and an ice cream to combat the sunstroke/
delirium that had set in. You may
get a flavour of what we mean from the photies! Since
'fighting them on the
beaches' has become a theme in this campaign, we took the
chance to cool down and have a paddle in a packed Ardrossan
beach setting up a stall in the
We also took the opportunity to stage a protest outside
Hunterston nuclear power station, as well as at the

Sunday 15th Comrades are out campaigning locally and
delivering thousands of council leaflets.

For more details on joining the S.S.P. and your local branch please contact our national offices below. Make sure to leave your name, address and phone number. Or you can email

East Dunbartonshire SSP,

70 Stanley Street
Glasgow G41 1JB

tel: 0141-429-8200

fax: 0141-429-8040

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Hampden, Proclaimers, Clydebank, Chilli and Chips!

Monday 9th
Spent writing for the Clydebank Post/ reading manifesto and getting photies
taken to highlight local campaigns.

Tuesday 10th
SSP People Not Profit Manifesto Launch at the national stadium Hampden. What
a venue!
We walked into the press conference to the tune of one of our latest supporters, the Proclaimers'500 miles', then Colin and Alan introduced our
flagship policies, before we went down trackside for photo opportunities
with the Saltire behind us in glorious technicolour.

I was so proud of everyone and every word in the manifesto because we are
the only party not pandering to big business/ careerism in this election.
Our MSPs take the average skilled workers wage and donate the rest to the fight for socialism and a fairer society because we are committed to
representing real people and not the 5% in Scotland who earn an MSP's salary
of £53,000. 'People Not Profit' - We do what we say and we say what we mean.

Wednesday 11th

Was texted at 7.30am by a pal to say he'd seen the broadcast and thought it was
superb and that he'd seen our photie in the metro.

We spent the day campaigning in Clydebank with Frances, Pam, Ann Lynch and
Alex Cunningham who is one of our council candidates. We decided to split
campaigning for a stall on free school meals in the morning then on the
council tax in the afternoon. Both issues really strike a chord with the
Bankies angry at the West Dumbartonshire labour party council scandal which
has been preceded by years of them ignoring locals on many issues.

We then decided to discuss free public transport with the huge bus queues
and train commuters nearby. We got a terriffic response on this issue. With
many people saying that they had enjoyed our broadcast (see below) the previous night.
Only a few folk were sceptical (I was maybe pushing it giving a leaflet to
the ticket inspector) which is a huge leap from when we first campaigned on
this issue and testament to how the party have shifted the agenda in
political terms on issues with our campaigning within the parliament and on
the streets. Though I almost got lost from the rest at one point because I
was helping a woman on to the train when her message bag burst and was so
caught up in conversation I nearly ended up on my way to Dalmuir without my
money which i'd left at the stall. Roll on Free public transport ! I also
ran faster than I have since I was in primary school we were trying to catch
Ann's bus and get a copy of the metro to see our picture at Hampden!

We had our lunch, at the co-op cafe naturally, Chilli and chips proved an
excellent choice and we planned the next weeks activity.

To round things off we leafleted the carpark.

In the evening I went to our own meeting at Campsie branch where we were
finalising our "wee do" - ALL WELCOME!! a week on Saturday the 21st in Kirkintilloch miners welfare. As well as local campaigning for council candidates. Not to mention
organising our public meeting/ beach party in Twechar! Cannae wait for that

Thursday 12th
I joined the Clydebank branch for a public meeting to launch our People Not
Profit manifesto. We had an excellent discussion of our policies and local
issues with the council candidates; Dawn and Cammy Fyfe and Alex
Cuunningham. The Clydebank Post came to cover the event.