Thursday, 20 November 2014

East Dunbartonshire against Fracking

Last nights packed anti-fracking meeting in Bishopbriggs

"The Scottish Socialist Party welcomes the setting up of "Frack Off" anti-fracking groups across East Dunbartonshire that will work together as part of the wider, national campaign. We are happy to have been invited by local activists to be part of the formation of the local Bearsden Milngavie Frack Off group as we believe this is an issue on which people from all parties, including our partners in the Yes campaign The Scottish Greens and the Scottish National Party, can work closely together on. 

East Dunbartonshire Green Organiser, Ross Greer; Anti-fracking campaigner, Ron Mackay and Strathkelvin SSP Organiser, Willie Telfer,

Although the Westminster Tory/Liberal Democrat Coalition claims to be the greenest government in history, like all of their pledges and claims, this has to be heard by a cynical ear as funding and governmental help has benefitted the energy companies wanting to turn a quick profit, rather than those wanting to develop energy solutions that have little or no negative environmental impact on East Dunbartonshire, Scotland and indeed, the world. 

Evidence coming to light in countries such as the USA and Australia is very worrying, and these Fracking Companies and their Westminster Parliament shareholders seem to care more for their pockets rather than the safety of ordinary people. 

The local and national SSP will endeavour to support the anti-fracking campaign and support clean energy alternatives. 

Neil Scott Organiser, East Dunbartonshire SSP"

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

East Dunbartonshire Yes Political Parties come together for "Bairns not Bombs"

Strathkelvin Scottish Socialist Party organiser, Willie Telfer, lifelong anti-nuclear campaigner Ron MacKay and Local Green Party organiser Ross Greer, last night urged the people of East Dunbartonshire to head to Faslane for the Scrap Trident "Bairns not Bombs" demo on November 30th to add their voices to the calls for nuclear weapons to be removed from Scotland. 

L-R:   Ross Greer, Ron Mackay, Willie Telfer.            Photo:  Neil Scott
Activist Willie Telfer said, "The SSP was founded on the principles of fairness and equality and we have been fighting for the resources and money given over to the billionaire shareholders of these arms companies to be used for schools, hospitals and care of our most vulnerable citizens. It is a disgrace that while people will struggle to heat their homes and feed their families this winter, billions of pounds of our taxes will be given over to maintain and then replace these lethally dangerous and indiscriminate weapons. Let us know if you want a place on the bus to protest outside the home of Europe's biggest nuclear arsenal. Trident must go."

91 year old Ron Mackay, who was first arrested protesting the American nuclear weapons system Polaris in 1961 said, "I have been protesting these dreadful machines of death since news came to us of the execution of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children in Hiroshima an Nagasaki when I was posted out in India in 1945. To use these indiscriminate murderous weapons would be a war crime. Having them situated near Scotland's most densely populated area is madness. Only profit can be the motive for keeping them. I'll be outside Faslane's North Gate adding my voice to the Scottish public who in poll after poll say, 'no to nuclear weapons. Not in my name.'"

Ross Greer said, "The continued housing of these weapons on the Gareloch is not only lethally dangerous, but a total disgrace in the 21st century. The Green Party will proudly join our friends across the political spectrum in demanding Trident is scrapped."

For a place on the Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch, Milton of Campsie, Lennoxtown, Milngavie coach, please email                 £6.50 per seat.