Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Arbrothians Smokie Radical Party…

In today’s podcast:  land reform from Russia, Colin Fox on UKIP and the SSP’s new pamphlet on the right wing party, Lewis Akers on pay discrimination, The SNP’s Debra Torrance on an Arbrothians Smokie Radical Party…   Jenni Gunn on Mental Health And Calum Martin continues his series on lefty history with a piece on the French Revolution.  Remember, if you have anything you would like to say about the contributions this week, or would like to record something OR have a band you would like to have played on the podcast, email me at

Music from Colour Me Wednesday
The Tuts
Steve white and the Protest Family
The Wakes
We also have news about a brilliant cd launched this week for the Orgreave Truth & Justice campaign 

Friday, 13 February 2015

SSP Podcast: Council Budgets, Red Clydeside and the Stirling Revolution...

In this weeks SSP Podcast we have some history from Katie Bonnar and Calum Martin – Calum starts a weekly series on a history of the left called “Making the flag Red; Struggle and Democracy Through History.”

Cat Boyd from the ISG will be giving her view on left unity and in particular on the Scottish Left Project.
Hollie Cameron tells us about a major SSP victory in Stirling University.

Richie Venton SSP's national workplace organiser and regional organiser for the West of Scotland on the SSP’s reaction to the austerity budgets set by Councils across Scotland and what the we propose instead.

And Gerry Mulvenna will be explaining how a growing group of volunteers are “televising” politics throughout Scotland.

Music from

Friday, 6 February 2015

The one with more politics...

This week on the SSP Podcast, we have members from SSP Glasgow Central Branch on Zero Hours Contracts; wages in the NHS and Don McKeen with an invite to what sounds like a really interesting talk at the Yes Bar - details on Facebook HERE, Jenni Gunn speaking about every day sexism, Beinn Irbhinn on aspects of our socialist language, Wendy MacDonald on the SSP policy of the citizen’s income and as the SSP does not claim to have a monopoly on socialism -  Debra Torrance from the SNP on sustainable energy and hot tubs!

The Music this week is really exciting.  We have tracks by David RovicsJames King and the Lone Wolves, local band TravelCat whose twelve Bar blues you can hear in the background, folk rock singer songwriter Suzen JuelMilton Star and an exclusive track from Socialist R&B band, Thee Faction from their new album, Reading Writing Revolution,  which is still being recorded.

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