Friday, 20 March 2015

Total eclipse of the Tories...

In today's podcast (on the day Scotland saw an eclipse of the sun!): Allan Grogan, co-founder of Labour For Independence and now SSP, talking about how the SNP majority council through in Dundee is now letting down the majority working class yes voters; Ron Mackay on the increasing danger of nuclear war; Calum Martin on how Scottish Politics were changed by the French revolution; Beinn Irbhinn on splitting the Yes vote and Hollie Cameron on how social media and the main stream media may be putting off powerful political women from coming to the fore.

We have music from Scottish bands The Cundeez and Button Up, Joe Solo and Lead Belly.

Friday, 6 March 2015


In this weeks podcast:

The CD no lefty should be without… (buy it here - )

SSP co-spokesperson, Sandra Webster on the recent victory of grassroots activists in Renfrewshire…

Don Mackeen on the recent history, sociology and politics of the mainstream media.

Alessio Gentile on Poverty porn

Calum Martin continues his journey through left wing history today with a piece on the first French republic.

And Neil Anderson brings to life John Maclean’s famous 1918 speech from the dock.


Wilde Sammon, Remember Orgreave.

Louise Distras, Bullets

The Hurriers, Truth and Justice…

Steve White and the Protest Family, When an anarchist helps you cross the road…

Travel Cat, Colours 3

The Wakes, The John Maclean March

Monday, 2 March 2015

Cowabunga! Willie Telfer exposes @joswinson's tax free slice...

It seems that its not only the teenage mutant ninja turtles that developed an affinity for pizza, but also our very own MP the bold Jo Swindon who salivates at the prospect of a delivery from the Dominos man. However in her case its not a wee margarita or four seasons but a bundle of fivers still piping hot delivered all the way from the treasure island of Jersey.

In the last year oor Jo has received ,in two installments,  £8 500 from Brompton Capital, yes you guessed, it's the company that made its fortune bringing the Dominos pizza franchise to the UK.

The company's owner Rumi Verjee who has an estimated worth of £125m has been throwing his dough, so to speak, at parliamentarians for some time now. The main beneficiaries being the lib dems £770k in all. 

Curiously he has also gifted plebgate minister Andrew Mitchell a cheeky wee £11k. The surprise outcome of this was of course. A lib dem peerage. Not bad for a guy whose company apparently employs no one and fails to turn over a profit in the UK.

Although his dealings have been cleared by the Electoral Commission the question our Jo has to answer is. Is she comfortable professing a purge on tax avoiders whilst filling her election kitty with this man's dubious donations.

Watch out for the next course, will Jo come clean and display the corporate roof sign of the pizza giant on her election vehicles or can the electorate be enticed to the ballot box by a free portion of cheesey garlic bread.


Make PEACE a #ge2015 election issue! - opinion by Ron Mackay

Since 6th.Aug. 1945 I've opposed nuclear weapons. I've protested at Aldermaston, Dunoon and Faslane many times. I'm very worried at international developments. Russia has nuclear weapons – they're all in Russia. China has nuclear weapons they're all in China. The U.S. Has nuclear weapons but they're in Germany, Poland , and bases arround Russia and in Turkey and elsewhere

NATO is an aggressive, nuclear armed military alliance under U.S. Control.

I read Professor Tyler Cowan an economist at a U.S. University said a big war is needed to settle the economy. Amazon recently displayed a book -”Winter Kill – war with China has already begun “ There have already been 2 Wws essentially caused by economic problems. Are we to have a 3rd.

The winners in the first 2 WW s were the U.S. Bankers and arms manufactures. We are 20 mls. From a nuclear arms dump. 

The position is serious.

I'm a long standing member of CND (google Ron Mackay and his peace activism and you'll find me on U tube). I've been against nuclear weapons since the first one was dropped on the 6th.of August 1945. The planet is in its most dangerous situation ever. The present generation has the power to change life on the planet or to destroy all life on the planet. Many eminent individuals are warning that the situation is extremely serious. Naom Chomsky, John Pilger, Michel Chossudovsky and many others have voiced their concern.

We've had 2 world wars caused essentially by economic problems. The big capitalist powers have serious economic problems. Has there to be a third world war ? The signs are ominous.

The Westminster warmongers are spending £ billions, not just on trident and other nuclear weapons but on huge military projects. The US policy of perpetual war which our defence “experts” slavishly follow throws a heavy burden on the welfare state. Warfare and welfare are incompatible. The media plays a significant part in promoting war propaganda . It is a powerful opponent of the peace forces. We badly need a strong active socialist peace movement which can accommodate the socialists in the LP, in the SNP, in the Greens, in the SSP , in the CP and all the other socialists some of whom are in no political party. We have much in common not just peace but anti-trident, anti-austerity, green issues etc. This need is urgent and vital. This matter should be raised at every meeting held as we approach the elections.