Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thugs and Police Smash Hetherington Post-Grad Club Occupation

Police and security workers have used extremely heavy handed methods to break up the occupation of the Hetherington Club.

The occupation had been getting coverage from across the media, and indeed across the world's media, as a decent, worthwhile retaking of a building - and creating a space that was helping students and the people of Glasgow.

Frances Curran, Scottish Socialist Party Spokesperson condemned the heavy handed actions of the private security company and the Police, saying,  “Students, university staff and the wider public need some hard answers about this totally over the top action by Strathclyde Police.

“All those involved in both the University hierarchy and the senior levels of Strathclyde Police must give a full account of their actions, how much they cost and how they justify what looks like a scandalous misuse of public funds to retake a closed building." (full statement HERE )

The thuggish and over the top action by the security forces come just as Parliament ends.  Various political representatives had praised the occupation and the occupiers for bringing a much needed and loved building back into the use it was originally charged with - concentrating on the welfare of students.

Scots Makar Liz Lochhead, singer song-writer, Billy Bragg and Comedian Mark Steele had visited the building, praising the work of the occupiers.

At time of going to press, the occupiers have managed to take over the Glasgow Uni Senate, and have been joined by Lefty rocker, David Rovics

SSP member and former SSY Spokesperson, Jack Fergusson appeared on SSP NewsNight Scotland tonight. (our podcast featuring Jack talking about the occupation can be found HERE )

For a full account of the Police actions, please visit the Scottish Socialist Youth site
The Free Hetherington Blog
More in the Morning Star.
BBC Coverage

***STOP PRESS*** - Just after the Newsnight Scotland Programme, @glasgowoccupation tweeted:

The Free Hetherington. Reopened by request of Senior Management!
We have won the Free Hetherington back! This evening management offered us the Hetherington on condition that we...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The cuts - a local SSP response (podcasts)

These three podcasts where the result of a public meeting in Kirkintilloch on March 12th 2011.  They include the opinions of Left Banker, Raphie de Santos, SSP Councillor and West of Scotland top of Scottish Parliament Elections List candidate, Jim Bollan and local activist and Union representative, Willie Telfer (Click on their names to access the podcasts).  Details of music and musicians on individual posts.

To download the MP3 of the podcasts to your ipod/mp3 player, go to the SSP Campsie podcasts archive HERE

The views expressed are the speaker’s own and not those of any other individual or organisation.

Willie Telfer talks about effect of Cuts on workers and local community

This is the third (and last) in the series of podcasts that were the result of a public meeting in Kirkintilloch organised by the Scottish socialist Party. Willie Telfer, local activist and PCS Representative, talks about his work in the union, how the cuts are effecting his members and workplace; the Hutton Report which has just been released today 15 March and local activism against the Tory/Labour administration in East Dunbartonshire He also highlights the demonstration against the cuts in London on 26th March.

The music in this podcast is from PP Arnold, Echo and the Bunnymen, Roy Moller and Socialist Activist Kevin Robin’s song Corporate Anorexia based on a poem by Kathy Tytler.

The views expressed are the speaker’s own and not those of any other individual or organisation.

To download on to your mp3/ipod and to access an archive of all SSP Campsie Podcasts, click HERE

Monday, 14 March 2011

Podcast- Jim Bollan on how the cuts are hitting locally

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The views expressed are the speaker’s own and not those of any other individual or organisation.

Music included on this podcast: Roy Moller, "First you fall in Love" (Roy's site HERE  ); Jaques Brel and "Amsterdam" (see HERE for film of this performance -  ) and Steve Cooke with his song from the early nineties, "Alright for some" (More of Steve's music HERE ) .

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Left Banker in Kirkintilloch (Podcast)

The views expressed are the speaker’s own and not those of any other individual or organisation.

Left Banker, Raphie de Santos explains the economic crisis and gives his alternative. This is part one of three podcasts.

Music Featured (click the links to find out more about the acts): Captain Ska, "Liar Liar"; Ryan Harvey, "Economic Homicide" (details HERE);Thee Faction, "Social Inclusion Through Marxism" (Details HERE  ); The Kara Sea, "Oh if Only". (details HERE )