Sunday, 21 March 2010

No to War! No to Cuts!

Bill and Willie, two of the leafletting team today.
1800 leaflets advertising the Public Meetings were delivered to households in Lennoxtown.
(see leaflet HERE)


Public Meetings in Lennoxtown and Kirkintilloch

The Campsie Branch of the Scottish Socialist Party is holding two public meetings to highlight the futility of the war in Afghanistan and in opposition to the local and national cuts planned by all the major political parties.

The first meeting will be in Campsie Memorial Lesser Hall in Lennoxtown on Wednesday, 31 March at 7.30. Speakers will include Colin Fox (spokesperson for the Scottish Socialist Party and a former MSP), a member of the Afghan community in Scotland and local Party members. This will be followed by a further meeting in the Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre at 7.30 on 21 April. The SSP believes that neither the truth about our economic crisis nor the real reason for the conflict in Afghanistan is being told and the meetings will encourage discussion on these crucial issues.

Colin Fox said, “After 8 years of occupying Afghanistan, 50,000 civilian and 270 British deaths, it is time to support our troops and bring them home. Our politicians at Westminster ignore the polls showing 70% of Britons want our soldiers brought back home and have themselves shown, just as they did whilst they were fiddling their expenses, that they are completely out of touch with public opinion in this country.”

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