Thursday, 16 December 2010

Just what ARE Labour's opinions?

Ron Mackay,
Milton of Campsie

While I agree with David Whitton's criticism of Jo Swinson's ConDem policies, I wonder what his policies are. Iain McWhirter in the Glasgow Herald says “The S.N.P. Is to be congratulated for sticking to it's guns and reaffirming the Scottish tradition of open access to higher education”. I'm a Socialist, not a member of the S.N.P. But I fully support that position. What are David Whitton's views on this matter? Again will Labour continue to call for the reintroduction of fees, or will it do a hasty U-turn of it's own and back the S.N.P.'s policy? To use David Whitton's phrase “I won't hold my breath."

David Whitton,a typical career politician, rarely misses a photo opportunity, and there he was posing with the post office manager. What are his views on the privatisation of the profitable parts of the post office? And where was he when the local posties went on strike last year?

What are his views on the cuts and the attack on the welfare state ?

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