Friday, 28 January 2011

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Superb, emotional piece of film from the uprising in Middle East - HERE

New Labour - Wolf in Sheeps Clothing - HERE

"The Eskimo Republic" - Podcast HERE

"Finally Getting hip to the Capitalist Ruse" HERE

SSP Statement on Sheridan sentencing: HERE
Guest Blogger - Dave Coull on Sheridan HERE

Resist the Cuts meeting, Kirkintilloch.  Details HERE

Just what are Labour's opinions? HERE

Bio-metric fingerprinting of children - REDUX - HERE

Reply to Sunny Hundal - HERE

Bill Newman - Great Ideas for advancing the BIG SOCIETY HERE

Our reactions to the installation of a ConDem Government no-one voted for HERE and HERE

SSP Campsie Podcasts HERE

After discussion on twitter with our local MP, Jo Swinson, an exasperated Yorkshire mum, Lisa Ansell, has sent a letter to her via our blog.  READ IT HERE

Lisa also spoke at Oxford University's Gender and Equality Festival - read her speech HERE

Text SSP to 85199 make a £5

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