Tuesday, 17 July 2012

SSP Campsie at Faslane

On June 29th, SSP Campsie, alongside Acting Strange Theatre Company (Scotland), organised a day of solidarity with the Peace Camp at Faslane which is celebrating it's 30th anniversary. Below are some of articles from recent Voice's about the run up and execution of the action. More video footage of the day of action will be posted in the coming days.

A report which features our visit, from The Real News Network...
More at The Real News

Balanced - a sketch written by SSP Campsie member and Acting Strange Theatre Company (Scotland) co-founder, Neil Scott.

 Locked in - a sketch written by SSP Joint spokes-person and Acting Strange Theatre Company (Scotland) co-founder, Sandra Webster

Acting Strange Theatre Company, who helped organise the action, were raided by the police during a rehearsal.  Details in Scottish Socialist Voice number 398
Faslane Camper, Leonna O'Neill on the 30th anniversary of the Peace Camp in Scottish Socialist voice number 398
Report on the day of solidarity by Voice reporter, and Acting Strange Theatre Company member, Carolina Perez from Scottish Socialist Voice number 399

The message we delivered:

Socialists for Peace
Scottish Socialist Party, Campsie Branch, www.campsiesocialists.com

Message to everyone working at Faslane Naval Base
Thursday, 28 June 2012

We believe that everyone should have a right to live in peace and dignity. We understand that, for most people, work has a vital role to play in earning a living and also has a social function in helping to provide goods and services that people need and want.
We also agree with the simple and truthful slogan being adopted currently at Faslane Peace Camp - “There will be no jobs if the bomb goes off”.
Nuclear weapons are illegal and immoral. If they were ever to be used, innocent men, women and children would suffer for generations to come. Nuclear weapons should have no place in any civilised society.
We believe that billions of pounds are simply being wasted on nuclear weapons. Also, the skills and talents of the workforce at Faslane Naval Base should instead be used for socially useful ends.
We will, therefore, continue to campaign, alongside those at Faslane Peace Camp, for a better, more peaceful future for everyone.

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