Monday, 2 March 2015

Cowabunga! Willie Telfer exposes @joswinson's tax free slice...

It seems that its not only the teenage mutant ninja turtles that developed an affinity for pizza, but also our very own MP the bold Jo Swindon who salivates at the prospect of a delivery from the Dominos man. However in her case its not a wee margarita or four seasons but a bundle of fivers still piping hot delivered all the way from the treasure island of Jersey.

In the last year oor Jo has received ,in two installments,  £8 500 from Brompton Capital, yes you guessed, it's the company that made its fortune bringing the Dominos pizza franchise to the UK.

The company's owner Rumi Verjee who has an estimated worth of £125m has been throwing his dough, so to speak, at parliamentarians for some time now. The main beneficiaries being the lib dems £770k in all. 

Curiously he has also gifted plebgate minister Andrew Mitchell a cheeky wee £11k. The surprise outcome of this was of course. A lib dem peerage. Not bad for a guy whose company apparently employs no one and fails to turn over a profit in the UK.

Although his dealings have been cleared by the Electoral Commission the question our Jo has to answer is. Is she comfortable professing a purge on tax avoiders whilst filling her election kitty with this man's dubious donations.

Watch out for the next course, will Jo come clean and display the corporate roof sign of the pizza giant on her election vehicles or can the electorate be enticed to the ballot box by a free portion of cheesey garlic bread.


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