Sunday, 11 March 2012

Contact Jo Swinson - urge her to help save the NHS!

This is a wonderful gadget created by "Labour Left" and on Dr Éoin Clarke's web page.  Please go to it and use it to email Jo Swinson and all of the other Lib Dem MP's (whose very own party voted against this bill at their conference - hopefully these Liberals will uphold democracy in the way they blether on about.  Hopefully their shouting about democracy is more than hot gas.  to send a tweet, click HERE  

The text of the email is reproduced below if you prefer to copy and paste to the MP's, whose email addresses I have reproduced here, separated by commas and in three sections for Hotmail/yahoo/google/gmail emailers - 

Dear            ,

As you know, the passage of this NHS Bill is nearing its completion. The bill was not in either governing party's manifesto, and it goes against the PM's pledge to have no top down re-organisation of the NHS.

According to YouGov, only 14% of voters want this Bill to succeed and 66% of medical professionals think the bill will make the NHS worse. Despite the Information Commissioner and Information Tribunal ordering Andrew Lansley to publish the NHS Transition Risk Register, he has so far refused. To top it all off, more than 170,000+ voters have signed the 'Drop the Bill' petition. Specifically, the allowance contained within the bill that up to 49% of NHS bed space and theatre time can be utilised by the private sector is nothing short of terrifying. These are some of the very many reasons I am begging one small favour of you.

Please vote in an ethical manner on the 13/03/12; do the right thing, whatever you deem that to be. It is my firm belief that if you are motivated to do what is right, then Lansley's botched bill will be dropped.

Yours faithfully

If you want to email one at a time - 

Sarah Teather MP
David Ward MP
Simon Wright MP
Stephen Williams MP
Steve Webb MP
Vince Cable MP
Thomas Brake MP
Malcolm Bruce MP
Paul Burstow MP
Tim Farron MP
Adrian Sanders MP
Mark Williams MP
Charles Kennedy MP
Stephen Gilbert MP
John Hemming MP
Jenny Willott MP
Alistair Carmichael MP

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