Tuesday, 24 April 2007

People Power on Twechar Beach...

Over sixty Twechar residents invaded Twechar Beach and then attended the public meeting on the Twechar “Regeneration” project.

The meeting was a real success for people power in the village. Pamela Page Chaired and said this meeting was not about her coming along to turn it into a political meeting. People knew the SSP record in the area and how they had helped in various campaigns in Twechar and beyond. She said this meeting was about what people wanted done about the issue of good quality, affordable houses in their village.

Willie Telfer, the SSP Council Candidate for the area reminded people how over the years, local government seemingly more concerned with the middle class voters in Milngavie and Bearsden, had let the village down. He also reminded them of the times over the past 25 years when the people of the village had to pull together and fight aggressive policies thrown at the village by Westminster and by Tom Johnston House, from the decimation of their local coal industry, to the campaign to keep the community centre in the community.

He reminded them of how Jack McConnell had cut the ribbon on the new, village run centre the Labour / Lib Dem Council tried to close and do away with. They were reminded that it was not the Labour Party or any other outside force that had won their battles with the bus companies – it was them. It was the people of Twechar.

Willie also made two further election promises. He promised that if the people of Kirkintilloch East and Twechar returned him as one of the three Councillors, within a few weeks he would have chapped on every door in the ward. He said that if people wanted to slam the door on his face, then that was their right. But he said if people wanted to invite him in and give him scones and tea, he would sit with them and unlike the other parties with their meaningless surveys he would ask, “What do you want for your community?” And then he would fight tooth and nail to get what the community see as their priorities. His second promise was that if he WASN’T elected, he would ensure the Housing Campaign would be up and running, and not ran by the SSP – but by the people of the village.

Willie has not waited until election defeat. Already volunteers have come forward from the more than sixty people present to say they are willing to help organise the campaign.

Andy Locke, the SSP Housing Spokesperson is setting up a surgery for after the election at which people can question him on their housing issues. The first of these will be held at 11am on Saturday 5th May – two days after the election. The SSP are committed to helping this campaign and the people of Twechar regardless of the outcome of the election.

Anyone wishing to help the campaign should come along to a meeting on Tuesday 8th May at 7.30pm in the Miners Welfare.

Remember – this campaign can have a voice in Holyrood and East Dunbartonshire Council – Vote Pamela Page and Vote Willie Telfer!

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