Thursday, 12 April 2007

Hampden, Proclaimers, Clydebank, Chilli and Chips!

Monday 9th
Spent writing for the Clydebank Post/ reading manifesto and getting photies
taken to highlight local campaigns.

Tuesday 10th
SSP People Not Profit Manifesto Launch at the national stadium Hampden. What
a venue!
We walked into the press conference to the tune of one of our latest supporters, the Proclaimers'500 miles', then Colin and Alan introduced our
flagship policies, before we went down trackside for photo opportunities
with the Saltire behind us in glorious technicolour.

I was so proud of everyone and every word in the manifesto because we are
the only party not pandering to big business/ careerism in this election.
Our MSPs take the average skilled workers wage and donate the rest to the fight for socialism and a fairer society because we are committed to
representing real people and not the 5% in Scotland who earn an MSP's salary
of £53,000. 'People Not Profit' - We do what we say and we say what we mean.

Wednesday 11th

Was texted at 7.30am by a pal to say he'd seen the broadcast and thought it was
superb and that he'd seen our photie in the metro.

We spent the day campaigning in Clydebank with Frances, Pam, Ann Lynch and
Alex Cunningham who is one of our council candidates. We decided to split
campaigning for a stall on free school meals in the morning then on the
council tax in the afternoon. Both issues really strike a chord with the
Bankies angry at the West Dumbartonshire labour party council scandal which
has been preceded by years of them ignoring locals on many issues.

We then decided to discuss free public transport with the huge bus queues
and train commuters nearby. We got a terriffic response on this issue. With
many people saying that they had enjoyed our broadcast (see below) the previous night.
Only a few folk were sceptical (I was maybe pushing it giving a leaflet to
the ticket inspector) which is a huge leap from when we first campaigned on
this issue and testament to how the party have shifted the agenda in
political terms on issues with our campaigning within the parliament and on
the streets. Though I almost got lost from the rest at one point because I
was helping a woman on to the train when her message bag burst and was so
caught up in conversation I nearly ended up on my way to Dalmuir without my
money which i'd left at the stall. Roll on Free public transport ! I also
ran faster than I have since I was in primary school we were trying to catch
Ann's bus and get a copy of the metro to see our picture at Hampden!

We had our lunch, at the co-op cafe naturally, Chilli and chips proved an
excellent choice and we planned the next weeks activity.

To round things off we leafleted the carpark.

In the evening I went to our own meeting at Campsie branch where we were
finalising our "wee do" - ALL WELCOME!! a week on Saturday the 21st in Kirkintilloch miners welfare. As well as local campaigning for council candidates. Not to mention
organising our public meeting/ beach party in Twechar! Cannae wait for that

Thursday 12th
I joined the Clydebank branch for a public meeting to launch our People Not
Profit manifesto. We had an excellent discussion of our policies and local
issues with the council candidates; Dawn and Cammy Fyfe and Alex
Cuunningham. The Clydebank Post came to cover the event.

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