Saturday, 5 June 2010

Over 1000 signatories to the "no to education cuts" petition in Milngavie today...

Milngavie parents still angry.

Today we ran a stall in Milngavie town centre, calling on local people to join with others across the East Dunbartonshire constituency in setting up a "Save Our Schools" Committee and Campaign.

We spoke to many local parents and education workers who are very angry at how the Council launched these proposals on the communities and who were confused by exactly what had gone on in the council Chambers on Thursday night. Local SSP activist Willie Telfer was on hand to explain the minutae of the decision and also to explain why the machinations on Thursday night only mean a temporary stay of execution.

This stay of execution is not even a not principled one - we believe this was engineered by the Lab-servative coalition to save their own political neck. Next year, we have the Scottish Elections and the following year are the Council Elections.

This proposed East Dunbartonshire wide campaign must put councillors on the spot and show them that it is unacceptable to make communities and young people pay for the cuts.

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