Wednesday, 10 April 2013

In memory...

I found this Thatcher tribute online. If anyone knows who wrote it, I will credit them.

: For :

The Miners 

The Shipbuilders 
The Steelworkers 
The Old that Froze to Death 
The Old that Couldn't Afford Food 
For the Thousands Made Homeless 

The North 
The Disenfranchised Black Youth 
The Lost Generation of Young 
The Hillsborough families 

The men dead in a conflict designed to win 
her an election 
The men traumatised from the Falklands War 
For Northern Ireland 

my mam and dad 
my Grandparents 
my brother 

every LGBT kid who committed suicide due to 
Section 28 in schools 
The teachers 
The victims of gaybashing which were never investigated due to pressure from her government 
For the gay men stitched up and banged up 
for being gay 

The women of Greenham Common who were beaten 
and had their kids forcibly taken into care 
for no reason 

For the men and women assaulted in the 
Battle of the Beanfield 
For the men and women consigned to the 

For the services that used to belong to all 
of us and now are badly run in the hands of
the rich 
For the country that used to stand for 
social justice and created the


Health Service 

The mentally ill thrown out on the streets 
The children abused in care homes and 
ignored or worse abused by some in her 
I celebrate the death of a woman who caused 
so much pain.

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