Monday, 8 April 2013

The best legacy...

...for what Thatcherite policies did to Scotland is to vote YES next year. Thatcher's Government got away with making greed and vicious profits before people policy acceptable- with the effect of smashing Scotland and the UK. She oversaw the devastation of working Scotland- industries such as mining and steel were thrown onto the bonfire fueled by Tory ideology, and democracy was stomped on by  her Government's anti-union jack-boot.  The policy of greed and selling off housing, industry etc to short-term profiteers led directly to the 2008 economic crash and the death of manufacturing in this country.
The woman who welcomed and protected Chilean fascist leader Pinochet  and said there would never be an ANC Government and that "terrorist" Nelson Mandela should be shot has been outlived by Mandiba and the struggle for South African equality. The viciousness of her allowing -and ordering- deaths from Ireland; through Gibraltar and The Belgrano painted us as a nation of murderers. She died on the 32nd anniversary of Bobby Sands election as an MP, days before she allowed the young man to die of starvation. Her nasty complicity in Hillsborough...
All of this nasty, vile ideological, pathological Government policy blights us today, and like a bully unconfronted ( because the official opposition in the Labour Party and snakes in the grass Liberal Democrats have done nothing less than capitulate and throw workers to the billionaire wolves) Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Swinson, Boris et al have stepped up their attacks on working class people. They learned nothing only to do it again. From Poll Tax to Bedroom Tax.
Thatcher has died on the day more disgusting attacks have been meted out on disabled and vulnerable people.
The only way to bury the bile and ugliness of Thatcherism is a Yes vote next year.
By Campsie SSP member Neil Scott
Bury Thatcherism, Vote Yes HERE

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